Art & Fashion
Oct 6, 2015


As we begin our transition into fall, we need to take a new look at how to best transition our wardrobe as well.

You can mix your summer wardrobe in most times by adding a longer boot, throwing a well fitted jacket over one of your favorite blouses, or layering. How best to mix and match these combinations can sometimes be a challenge and this is why we’ve decided to bring you a fall look book for your fashion inspiration. With help from some of our favorite fashion brands here at PPLA we’d like to give thanks to Calvin Rucker, Daniel Rainn, Eklexic, and the fabulous shoes of Tanya Heath.

Fall Fashion 2Fashion is meant to be fun! Enjoy yourself, don’t be afraid to mix and match prints and styles. For example check out the fun flowered shirt (‘Fly’ by Calvin Rucker) paired with Calvin Rucker’s “Karma Police” jacket brings a fun edgy militaristic look to your style.

Without being overbearing or too defined. Pair it with fun Tanya Heath booties that finish off the look for an effortless day or night outfit. Or try rocking a darker floral print like Daniel Rainn’s sleeveless top featured in our look book. Paired with edgy sunnies from Wildfox yet a feminine purse from Kate Spade, makes for the perfect effortless mix that so many women (and men) look to achieve. Check out our look book for all the fashion rundowns, and ideas of how best to dress for fall’s ever changing weather.

Written by: Carolina Bonetti