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Sep 22, 2015


Ever wonder what it might be like to live in a family of lumberjacks? Or maybe date your very own Paul Bunyon?  Well, now you can find out! TV4 Entertainment launches original series”Family Chops” on Vessel premiering tonight.

Family Chops is a reality sitcom featuring the fun-loving, yet competitive family known as the LeCaptains as they live with a house full of lumberjacks and run their popular lumberjack business — The Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show. Yes, this is a real business!

With the motto “Wooden you like to be their neighbor?,” Family Chops explores the blurry lines of working with family, the power struggle between father and son, and lumber-jills looking for love. Yes, lumber-jills is a real thing!

The family puts together lumberjack competitions all across the U.S. reaching over a million people yearly and also produce competition performances at Disney Parks and are sponsored by Echo. Yes, these are real facts! We said 1 million people!!

It’s a tough and dangerous business, but somebody has to do it… and it looks like the LeCaptians will keep viewers laughing along the way. Will we be watching you ask? Yes, yes we will! Because how could we not…Move over Duck Dynasty!

Family Chops was produced by Four Henrys Productions (EPs Blaine Vess and Aisha Corpas Wynn) along with Co-Executive Prfamily chops familyoducers Lisa Johnson of Jahquille Entertainment and Fiore Talarico of JCT Endeavors.

TV4 Entertainment is a broadband television company with genre-specifc programming and a distribution network including HULU, Amazon, Roku, Vessel, Sony, and Youtube.

Visit: Family Chops on Vessel.