Jun 6, 2012


I recently had the opportunity to talk with the face of Amour Genesis, Genesis herself, a young self-starter based out of Chicago who won’t stop until she reaches the top. With a growing brand, the spokes model and host (who graduated college just last year!), talked with us about what her life is like in the busy world of fashion and beauty.

Genesis Emery strives to help young girls and women from all over to love themselves inside and out. She spends a lot of her time helping women and just partnered with SheKnows, an online magazine publication which caters to over 55 million women. Check out SheKnows.com to be entered to win a fragrance giveaway courtesy of Genesis and keep an eye out for her own premiere scent. Did we mention she also has a signature cosmetic and fashion line, plus is she’s launching a new drink…you guessed it, catered to women!

PPLA: Tell our fans what it is like manages a fashion and beauty brand on a daily basis and being the face of this brand?

GENISIS: I am a public figure, spokes model, and host. I am also a health and wellness brand ambassador. Along with that, I have my own show, The Glamorous Life, which I host and produce. On a day to day basis, I typically start the day by talking discussing upcoming events with my publicist. We are launching some signature items which will be released this summer. I work with clients on preparing the glamour shows, “Glamoursodes”, as well as releasing new “Glamoursodes” for upcoming seasons. I do two “Glamoursodes” a month, and besides that I just spend time exploring the world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. That is the audience I cater to and that is the niche market I love for my brand; all things beauty, fashion, glamour, luxury, and lifestyle.

PPLA: So what does Amour Genesis mean?

GENESIS: Well, I speak French; I’ve been speaking French since the 7th grade. I am mixed with French as well, so it is a part of my heritage. The word Amour is derived from French meaning love and Genesis is my first name which is from the Bible and means the first chapter; the beginning of how it all started. So, Amour Genesis means love Genesis. That started because my brand serves to help women feel confident about themselves, love themselves, and to have a high self esteem. In our society unfortunately, there are a lot of expectations and stereotypes on beauty and image and what it means to be beautiful. It’s sad that society deems what real beauty is. I’m working to help women see themselves as truly beautiful from the inside out, despite what anyone else may think. So basically it’s about loving yourself and I’m starting that off by loving myself. Love Genesis is Amour Genesis which is helping women to love themselves with empowerment, self confidence, and high self esteem.

PPLA: Wow, that is a very powerful message. What inspired you to launch this brand?

GENESIS: You know what? I just graduated from Loyola [University, Chicago] last year and my very last semester I took a capstone communication course. In that capstone course, they asked us to create our own business in the communications industry. Being a major in public relations and advertising with a minor in marketing, I thought, “What can I do to explore something I am absolutely passionate about that could also make a difference?” So I said ok, I would love to model, host, and have my own show. I want to be a public figure and of course a household name. I also want to cater to other people and help them to do something positive. I just want to help make the world a better place, outside of thinking about just me. So I decided to create my own Amour Genesis enterprise.

PPLA: Coming out of college at a time when our economy is still struggling, how important was it for you to become a self starter’?

GENESIS: Very important. My parents are entrepreneurs. I was inspired to start my own enterprise by watching my parents. I definitely don’t want to work for anybody; I want to work for myself. Just being a woman in business and a minority, I think it’s very powerful to have my own company as opposed to just working for someone else. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people who do it and I don’t have a problem with that; just for me personally, I see myself as something remarkable. I want to start my own brand and inspire others to start their own brand as well. But yes, I was definitely inspired by watching my parents.

PPLA: What were your dreams and aspirations growing up? Was this something that you knew from an early age that you wanted to do?

GENESIS: It’s actually really funny, I have always been really shy and then I just changed. I always had a dream of being a model but with my family being overprotective, as most parents of teens are, they weren’t really thrilled about the idea. I was never really able to do what I wanted to do because I was always afraid and timid. One day I just decided I was going to go for it, and I did! I haven’t stopped since and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon or at all for that matter!

PPLA: How would you say that fashion and beauty are different in Chicago compared to LA?

GENESIS: They are extremely different. As far as the positive, there is definitely more freedom here [Chicago] for people who may not be as known as others to get involved in the industry in some way. With that said, I don’t think the fashion industry is on the same caliber as that of different cities like L.A., New York and even Miami. Hopefully Chicago can get on their level sometime in the near future. Chicago isn’t as demanding, as challenging, or as exclusive as the fashion industries in those other cities. Just by knowing something about beauty and fashion alone can get you into an event in Chicago, allowing you to network and meet people and be immediately included in that circle. It is much easier here, which of course I don’t like because it is not as inclusive! It is definitely more competitive in other cities.

PPLA: As a model yourself, what are your thoughts on the modeling industry?

GENESIS: I think that modeling, really, anyone can do it. There are different types of modeling. A lot of people don’t know that; they think it’s being six feet tall and 115 pounds and that is just not the case. For me, I’m not a traditional runway model given my height and my weight, but that is not going to stop me from being in the modeling industry. I do ambassador work, which is modeling. I also do spokes modeling as well as hosting, all of which involve modeling. I think as women, we should always try to do more than thinking small. We need to think outside of the box. We can all be models, but what can you do to actually package your brand to help you become an actual household name, public figure, and ultimately a leader? I think people need to do more research on the modeling industry and learn more about it before claiming the term of wanting to be a model. It takes a lot, it’s very competitive and very challenging but you have to find out what type of model you want to be first and foremost. We are not all cut out to do the exact same thing. We as women come in all different shapes and sizes but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring your dreams.

PPLA: Have you ever thought of bringing The Glamorous Life and Amour Genesis to L.A.?

GENESIS: Well you know I have! I plan on moving to L.A. in the near future although the date has not been disclosed. I will definitely be filming my show, The Glamorous Life, out in L.A. very soon. My publicist is out in L.A. so having her there is a big part of my brand. We are constantly talking to different producers and executives there about my brand and the work I plan on doing in the future. We have quite a few things in L.A. lined up that we will being doing very soon, so it’s very exciting! I can’t wait to officially relocate and move there! I see a lot of possibilities for me in Los Angeles.

PPLA: At the end of the day, what do you hope and dream of for your brand? What is your ultimate goal?

GENESIS: My ultimate goal is to help a young girl turn into a woman by watching me. Of course my brand caters to teens and young women, and I want to inspire them to reach their goals by watching the work that I’m doing and the services I provide. I want them to see my journey as a woman turning into a mogul and public figure.

We were glad we had the chance to chat with Genesis at the beginning of this journey. It’s refreshing to hear a positive woman doing positive things with positive intentions… C’est ça l’amour!

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