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Mar 3, 2020

Film Review: “All The Bright Places”

All The Bright Places is based on the best selling novel of the same name. Starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith, their story is sure to leave you needing tissues.

Image Still Courtesy of Netflix

This heart wrenching coming of age story takes a departure from typical teen angst. Instead, All The Bright Places turns to tough topics like sudden death, depression, child abuse, suicide, and the silver lining of finding your voice. Netflix is becoming a behemoth with a full range of award wining genre’s and All The Bright Places falls right into their spectacular filmmaking which should not be dismissed. Besides the direction and cinematography, Elle Fanning and Justice Smith are both two young acting forces to be reckoned with. Do not let their age distract you from the immense talent they bring to the screen. We were riveted at times by Justice’s choices as a troubled teen. The film leaves you with a strong message of accepting others as they are, and paying attention to those who laugh the most, for they may be hurting the most. It leaves you wondering; “Can I look beyond a person’s exterior to see their innermost workings?”. Life is about living in the moment, not looking towards a past you cannot change, or a future that is yet to be. Living in uncertain times, All The Bright Places gives us a reminder to just live our life that we all need.

Enjoy the trailer below. Happy watching.