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May 1, 2016


Can’t make it to the Met on time? Invitation lost in the mail? No worries the creative geniuses over at Magnolia Pictures knew a good thing when director Andrew Rossi presented them with his insider documentary masterpiece; “The First Monday in May”.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC: also known as The Met, has long held the creative masterpieces of fashion’s best and brightest en vogue thanks to Anna Wintour. Taking us behind the scenes of crafting and piecing together “China Through The Looking Glass.” You the viewer are left speechless by the heart and soul poured into bringing fashion into the high echelons of art’s masterpieces. The hallowed halls of The Met; an institution who guards our civilization’s priceless works of art from DaVinci, Monet, and Degas no classic is left behind has opened it’s doors to fashion’s most creative artists. Housing the designs of Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Versace, and Balmain to name a few.

No film is complete without the perfect score. “The First Monday in May” is no exception and composers Ian Hultquist and Sofia Hultquist bring all the feels with their imaginative and creative approach to the film’s score. We caught up with them during the Tribeca Film festival to chat all things music. Initially finding the right vibe for “The First Monday in May” took a moment before everything clicked. It’s their third time working with director Andrew Rossi. What can we say? The soundtrack is everything you would hope to accompany the beautiful and stunning images of the far east. Ian Hultquist might be no stranger to you as a formal member of the hit indie group “Passion Pit” while Sofia has made quite the name for herself among the fashion elite with her company Drum&Lace. Drum&Lace produces music for the hottest runways shows and art films around the world. Melding their creative musical talents together has given a subtlety cinematic film score to the listening experience of watching ‘The First Monday in May.’ Enjoying the film as it takes you month by month into the hard work and creation of The Met Gala is a work of art in itself. Kudos to director Andrew Rossi for teaming up with Ian and Sofia Hulquist to ensure that the visual delivery of his documentary matched the listening experience.


Come see what the fashion elite of the world do when they get together to bring us all the epic gala that has become The Met’s annual soiree. For fashion and charity here is the trailer to ‘The First Monday in May’ :