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Mar 13, 2019

Fitness Expert Jennifer Cohen Launches Habits & Hustle Podcast with Special Guest Dennis Rodman.

Jennifer Cohen, fitness and productivity expert, officially launched her new podcast, Habits & Hustle in partnership with Habit’s Nest on Sunday, March 10 with special guest Dennis Rodman.

The event was a part of Westfield Century City’s Beauty and Balance series that’s taking place the entire month of March featuring a curated collection of events, special offers, and more focusing on health and wellness and becoming your most beautiful inside and out.

Jen’s live interview with  Dennis Rodman drew a packed crowd in the Level 1 Atrium where the event was held. Cohen and Rodman originally met through a mutual friend, and she told the crowd she wanted to interview him because he is a pop culture icon and was genuinely curious about his daily routine.

During the interview, Cohen asked Rodman about his childhood, dating life, basketball career, habits that make him successful, and his relationships with Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump. Rodman shared that he is currently planning a trip to North Korea and his friendship with Kim Jong Un started by them playing the basketball game, HORSE.

After the interview, VIP guests were treated to complimentary services during a small celebration at Westfield’s Next Health. Rodman tried their Drip IV Therapy. Other services offered to guests were the LIMITLESS Vitamin Shot, Infrared Therapy and Cryotherapy.

Watch the full podcast interview below!