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Aug 9, 2019

Flora and Bast for August’s Wellness Month

August is health and wellness month, and in wanting to bring greater awareness to the health of your insides as much as your outsides, check out Flora and Bast.

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Flora and Bast are a cbd product infused company. We tried out two of their products last month to see what all the fuss was about. The first item we tried was their “Age Adapting Sleep Tincture”. The tincture retails for seventy seven dollars, which you can purchase directly from their website. But what are the benefits you say? Flora and Bast’s sleep tincture works by regualting your sleep-wake cycles also known as circadian rhythms. The company suggests taking the tincture thirty minutes prior to your desired sleep time, which aids you in falling asleep more consistently, and with greater results for sleeping through the night. After trying it for three consecutive weeks, we found that the tincture does work really well. It didn’t stop insomnia when alot was on our minds, but overall it did aid in higher quality sleep. This might not be a band-aid for insomniacs, but it will give you a more peaceful rest.

Flora and Bast also have a high quality facial serum. The serum is titled, “Age Adapting Facial Serum,” and retails for seventy seven dollars. We have a mixed review on this product. Serums, lotions and sprays can have mixed effects, on anyone. Do keep that in mind when purchasing. The serum does have a faint smell, but generally fades within the first half hour. It could be this heat wave we’ve been experiencing in California, but the serum broke us out, a bit. Now, this could be due to several factors like, impurities being brought to the surface, your skin naturally adjusting to a new product, or the heat which tends to bake anything in. Now with this being said, the serum was very hydrating and might be best for those with dry skin, or even oily skin. Our editor Carolina tried the serum and she has normal to sensitive skin. If you’re reading this and wondering about how it could affect skin type, do keep in mind the tester has sensitive skin. The positives of the serum are great. They include benefits like, reduction in immflamation, oil production balance (great for oily skin), and our favorite: anti-aging.

Let us know how you’ve been taking care of yourself during Wellness August. Remember wellness starts from the inside, out.