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Aug 1, 2017

Foodie Escapes: San Diego

We didn’t just binge on all things nerdom this July in San Diego. We took full advantage of what a gorgeous city we were able to visit! San Diego’s Gas Lamp district is one of the most beautiful and fun destinations in the country. We caught up with Upper East Bar off J Street and Great Maple further in San Diego for the full SoCal experience.


If you haven’t visited the Gas Lamp district, you have lost your mind. Seriously pack a bag and go right now. You can walk anywhere, and everyone is so friendly you might never leave. Upper East Bar has an awesome vibe. Located the rooftop of Hotel Solamar you have great views of downtown, and bonus, they have a pool. As a guest you can mix up your day by ordering bites, drinks, and lounging poolside. It’s also a great evening destination as the rooftop can easily become intimate, and they have oversized games to play. We love a good game, and had to take advantage of their corn hole, they also have a jumbo connect four, and shuffleboard.

Ok so the reason you’re really here. Our food picks!

The Guacamole. OH MY GOD. It’s massive! Literally the best price for such a good heaping of guac, you can’t be disappointed. We loved that the chips were crisp but not oily. If you need an appetizer or snack to share with friends over a drinks kind of night out, you don’t need to look any further.



Breakfast DO: The Frittata. Their frittata is to die for. Topped with Arugula and goat cheese, while filled with delicious veggies this is one meal you can’t say no to. It’s also very filling while providing you with a rich flavor palette.



Look it. Just look at this Crab + Avocado toast. Avocado on anything is basically a win, but the crab really sets off the flavors. Served on a perfectly toasted yet soft bread it pairs amazingly with the crab and avocado. Garnished and served to perfection. This is one dish you wont want to share. Be sure to order two.


You’re kidding right? This PB+J inspired French Toast stick is unbelievable. Literally. Can we please order a side of the butter it comes with, preferable in tub size? As in a gallon wouldn’t be enough. The French Toast Sticks are dangerous on their own. Paired with the butter, we’re just not responsible for your actions. For their own safety, urge your friends to get their own. Very much a hands off kind of dish. Don’t be surprised if you order this as an appetizer, you find it as your main course as well.



Drinks: We went for the spicy margarita and weekend bubbly. The bartenders are knowledgable, funny and awesome. Tell them your favorite spirits and let them surprise you to your taste. You really can’t go wrong at the bar.


Next we ventured out to Great Maple on our way home to LA. While there are a few of these around SoCal we had never had a chance to check on out, and were pretty excited to. It feels like a laid back diner, with a fancy flair. The prices are kind of pricey, so even they they project laid back, don’t expect a $12 five-item deal. That said their Maple Bacon Donuts are dangerous. Made fresh to order we asked for them as our starter appetizer and we were blown away. You’d have to roll us out if we had just a touch bit less self control.



For brunch we kicked off the maple bacon donuts, with fresh squeezed blood orange mimosas. The mimosa was to die for. But again, being a weekend with no bottomless mimosa deal on the menu, we thought it was slightly disappointing. While the mimosa is tasty, its also small.



Small size for a $14 mimosa


The food on the other hand food was amazing all around. For ‘Blunch’ as they call it we tried their Louisiana Purchase Popover. It’s like their version of Eggs Benedict if you’re wondering what a popover is. We couldn’t get enough of the rock shrimp. We can’t recommend this enough.


Check out their Hardwood Smoked Bacon scramble if you prefer your eggs well done. It’s delicious and comes with the same sides as their popovers.


Now finally we also opted for one of their specials of the day. If you have a chance to try their Quiche don’t let it pass you by! It comes with this awesome little potato, green onion pancake side, which is like super fancy hash browns and we were all about it.



Can’t wait until the next time we dine in San Diego!