Sep 14, 2016


Stan Lee is finally getting his own movie. While the move isn’t totally unprecedented it won’t be Marvel Studios making the film, instead it will be competitor 20th Century Fox. That’s where things start to go off the rails.

Instead of playing it straight and giving audiences an inside look into one of the pioneers of the comic book industry who has led an already remarkable life Fox is turning it into an action movie. You heard that right. Reports compare the concept to that of Kingsman: The Secret Service with Lee playing a James Bond type in the 1970s.

A comic book artist who leads a double-life as an international spy in the 1970s would actually make a pretty good film, if it share_logowere an original idea. Instead 20th Century Fox seems to be hijacking Stan Lee’s life in order to make the picture.  Imagine having your worst enemy be the one to write your biography, would you trust them? Long ago Stan Lee sold the rights to many of his Marvel characters to various studios because his comic book company was facing bankruptcy. Decades later Fox still owns the entire X-Men universe and has been going head-to-head with Marvel Studios in an effort to conquer the box office.

Recently the comic book company has made an effort to ostracize fans of both Fantastic Four and the X-Men, both owned by Fox, by essentially cutting them out of their comics. The rivalry has been going on for years now while Fox, which continues to crank out X-Men films and horrible Fantastic Four movies, gets the bad end of the deal.

It sounds as if the film is currently being developed so it is entirely possible the end result will look nothing like this initial pitch, let’s hope so.  Now that Stan Lee is near the end of his life fans really do want an inside look at what went into the creation of Marvel Comics, but not like this.