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Sep 19, 2014


New York City- based Actress, comedian, and celebrity blogger Franchesca Ramsey recently teamed up with Bayer Healthcare to launch a women’s empowerment movement called The Timeline Project. 

Franchesca Ramsey “The point behind The Timeline Project is simple but really important,” explains Ramsey. “All young women, no matter who they are or where they are from, should be empowered to visualize their dreams and make them a reality.”

The Timeline Project provides an interactive tool for young women to identify their goals and a timeline to help achieve them. Women who create timelines will receive content and relevant articles to help them actualize those goals from education and career to personal exploration and family planning.

Sloane Davidson

Women’s health advocate, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Sloane Davidson says, “I’m a lifelong supporter of women and am passionate about how we, as women, approach our future. I support The Timeline Project because it provides women of all ages, but especially young women, with an innovative way to think about and determine the right timing for personal choices that may include giving back to their communities, pursuing their career goals, or starting a family.”

BauerTimelineProjectHow it works! Participants start a timeline by selecting from a number of life categories like work, education or health, which correspond to their personal life goals like becoming a volunteer, starting a blog, meeting a fitness goal, going to college, planning a wedding, buying a vacation home, starting a business and more. You then set a personal timeline for achieving your goals and are given tools to fuel you and keep you on track. You also have the support of the timeline community to cheer you on!

So what are you waiting for! Get started on your timelines at The Timeline Project.