Nov 29, 2017

GBK Kicks of the American Music Awards with Their Annual Gift Guide!

The GBK Pre-AMAs gifting lounge was the perfect way to feel the holiday spirit. And no, I’m not talking about the spirit of just giving and receiving materialistic gifts. I am referring to the incredible charities they had this year!

The first was called the Kimberly Moore foundation. The minute Kimberly started telling me about the concept of her foundation tears began to well in my eyes. Every year hundreds of thousands of kids write letters to Santa about what they want for Christmas, and every year those letters to the post office are sent to the shredder. But plot twist! Santa DOES exist—in the form of the Kimberly Moore foundation, of course.

One day when she was at the post office, Kimberly asked to take the letters that were about to be destroyed back home. As she read through these letters, she saw that so many of the children were asking for basic necessities—enough food for their family, new shoes that weren’t so worn, for their parents to stop fighting about money, and so on. This is when Kimberly had her life changing epiphany. She took it upon herself to fulfill the requests of hundreds of kids and hand deliver the basic necessities and toys they listed in their letters to their home addresses. Now, this has become an annual tradition for her. She proves that you don’t need a fancy MBA or “business” work experience to be an entrepreneur. You just have to be passionate and determined to create a positive change. She mentions not to think too much about the logistics, since that will make you overwhelmed. Positive change is possible if you take things one step at a time.

Now that I’ve made you feel warm and mushy inside, I’ll briefly mention some other incredible charities: Hope for Children in Need, SBP, and Route 91 Strong. Hope for Children in Need is a non- profit organization, which creates schools for children around the world and gives aid to the Puerto Rico hurricane victims. SBP aka the St. Bernard Project helps those affected by natural disasters. They are currently doing a lot of work in Texas, long after press coverage of the natural disaster has disappeared from the media. Route 91 Strong emerged after the devastation of the Las Vegas shooting. It aims to provide financial resources to thousands of families affected by shootings.

If you care about the environment, music, and other charities than look no further than the “Wear Your Music” social enterprise. This mission to “save the world one string at a time” takes guitar strings from famous musicians and turns them into chic bracelets. Not only is a ton of metal being pulled from the waste stream, but the money generated from the sales of these bracelets goes to the musician’s charity of choice. How cool is that?

When I think of the holidays, not only do I think about the spirit of giving back, but I also think about food. Lots and lots of FOOD. Good Greek Grill stole the show! They’ve positioned themselves as LA’s only authentic Greek gyro stand, and I can’t really argue with them. I don’t know what they did to those gyros, but they were heavenly! They came in both chicken and lamb. My qualm with a lot of gyro places is that the lamb is too gamey or dry, but theirs was divine. The juicy lamb was seasoned to perfection and decorated with a flavorful, zesty tzatziki sauce, red onions, and fresh tomato. The two Greek co- owners have been best friends since childhood. How can you not support a company with the sweetest bromance?

You know what else is sweet? Plus Products’ pineapple and coconut cannabis infused gummies. It has a chewier texture than traditional gummy bears and a more concentrated flavor. Some products have THC and others have just CBD, so you won’t get high.

Other beverages included HOPii, a home brewing device that leaves your beers tasting fresher than ever and Intelligent Blend, gourmet coffee and tea in recyclable pods.


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