Sep 12, 2015


Press Pass LA touched down in New York to check out the latest in runway fashion at NYFW! But first, we were lucky enough to join GBK and Pilot Pen at their New York Fashion Week Gifting Suite honoring the week’s hottest designers.

unnamedIt was a hot day in the city, but I was instantly revitalized upon entering the GBK- Pilot Pen gift lounge! I had the chance to check out some of the most incredible brands while enjoying the suite’s amenities with celebrities including Luann De Lesseps and Whoopi Goldberg!

First stop in from the heat, was All Beauty Water which is specially formulated H2O to help you hydrate and nourish your skin with electrodes and antioxidants. It has zero calories and no sugar or preservatives and it comes in yummy flavors!  I highly recommend buying this if you want radiant, glowing skin. The best part is that the owner is a young, successful female entrepreneur whose mission is to improve the quality of skin everywhere. Cheers

My next stop was with the team at GrandeLash-MD. I was honestly shocked that in just one application you could already notice that your lashes appear longer and more voluminous. As soon as I tried on their mascara, my eyelashes instantly appeared to increase in length. This has to be the hottest product out there for the runway! The owner, Alicia Grande, is known for her show “The Health Buzz” which tapes in New Rochelle, New York.  The product guarantees that you will have longer, bigger lashes in only 4-6 weeks. If you start today, you’ll be all set for LAFW in October!

Another wonderful brand I met was called Peeks Cosmetics. The Ceo, Latasha McRae, has been inspiring women with her personal story of  recovery! She started this line after recovering from a coma and discussed with us how she puts her personal positive energy behind her products. My favorite product was the Peeks smooth lip-gloss but all the products had a rich pigment and effortless application.  I just feel in love with this brand and Latasha’s vibe! I know I’ll be smiling every time I wear my new Control Orchid lip-gloss.

Next up, I checked out the anti-aging products from Life Cell which supports breast cancer awareness.  I was able to chat briefly with Whoopi Goldberg who posed for photos and discussed how she uses and loves this product.

Of course, the most popular tool at fashion week which is revolutionizing the way designers create and bring fashion from the page to life was from sponsor Pilot Pen.  This is the second year that The Pilot Corporation of America collaborated with designer Nicholas K who created signature looks featuring Pilot pens in the NYFW runway show. (I was able to view the entire stunning collection at the Skylight Clarkson Square!)  For Pilot Pen, Nicholas K created a stunning white mini-dress which was initially sketched with Pilot’s Acroball PureWhite pens and features white barrels and silver grips, for a modern, striking look. The dress was appliquéd front and back with over 200 of these Acroball pens.pilotpens_GBK_nyfw

“At Pilot, we believe that writing instruments are truly tools for self-expression. The right pens can help inspire the imagination, and are integral to the creative process,” said Ariann Langsam, Director of Marketing for Pilot Corporation of America. “Think about it: your handwriting expresses more than just your words—it expresses your own personal style.” I couldn’t agree more! The ‘urban nomad’ look of the Nicholas K collection and the utilitarian brilliance of uniforms with luxurious everyday edgy sportswear have made Nicholas K one of my favorite brands and a much-loved designer around the globe.

The GBK lounge was the perfect way to start off my fashion week experience. Stay tuned to Press Pass LA, for my coverage of the runway shows!

Reported by Veena Venkersammy