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Dec 10, 2014


If you’re like me, the only way I can even think of working out after a long week is with a good playlist. Well, LA – I’ve found the cure to our never-ending battle with headphone wires – RockSweat.

Created by radio industry veteran Evan Harrison (Clear Channel & iHeart Radio) and his wife Diane Harrison (certified personal trainer), this 45 minute high-intensity interval routine is paired with an epic playlist, pushed out by an on-stage DJ. Adding to the cool factor is that this class takes place at the legendary Sunset Strip venue, The Roxy.

The Roxy? You’ve got my attention. I caught up with Evan & Diane to find out more. “During a section where our fans hold moves for up to a minute we drop little nuggets of music history, such as stories about artists who have played at the Roxy. In the end, we just want everyone to leave and say ‘that was really cool, it was really different, and the music kicked-ass, AND, damn I am going to be sore tomorrow.'”

Okay Evan, I’m in.

From a music lover who takes serious convincing to put on a sports bra, let me say that RockSweat is the perfect way to rock out while actually getting into shape (instead of ingesting those tasty Roxy cocktails). If you need an extra perk to get you to The Roxy on a Saturday morning, companies such as Foxy Produce are jumping on board to give out free veggie samples, like Organic BroccoLeaf, to energize you after your workout.rocksweat

Join me on Saturday, December 13th at 9am and see for yourself! I’ll be the girl singing along to Springsteen with way too much enthusiasm.

Upcoming dates: 12/13, 1/10, 2/21
Info and Tickets: www.rocksweat.com

Reported by Tara Schroetter