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Jun 4, 2024

Get Ready To Glisten Like The Tanned Goddess You Are, Thanks To Bali Body This Summer

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone which means it’s officially summer. Enter the Patron Saint of summer: A Perfect Tan. No silly, not with the sun, meet instead our new tanning must have: Bali Body.


A couple weeks back Bali Body hosted a gorgeous rooftop soiree with expansive views of downtown LA on display as we enjoyed trying their products, light bites, and picking out forever jewelry pieces to last us through this summer season. Bali Body hit an amazing milestone as a company, the main reason we were out celebrating a tanned summer with the brand was the news of Bali Body launching in CVS and Ulta as official.

What really sets Bali Body apart is how Bali Body’s luxurious world of sun care is as top notch as their skincare-infused tanning products. Tanning, great! Skincare while you’re tanning?! Phenomenal. After using the product twice this is what we’ve taken away from their tanning line.  It looks great on most skin types and gives a healthy, glowing effect, leaving your skin looking snatched, just like a dewy face which we love. Meanwhile, as scent fiends we found that Bali Body’s self-tan scent was nice and not overpowering. You can comfortably layer with your favorite perfume and not worry about smelling like an entire perfume section. Love that. Across the board their products have a formula that is easy to apply. It goes on evenly and can be layered for a darker tone …did someone say the Caribbean? You can make that dream happen without withstanding the intense tropical sun, while smelling great and applying skincare to your body while tanning up for summer. Lets be just sunkissed together this summer, shall we? Let us know what you think!