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Sep 5, 2014


The first time I can recall listening to Lights was during my beautiful peak of adolescence in grade eight. Her fantastically unique, and space-set music video for her then-hit single, “Drive My Soul” was currently being featured on the Canadian Much Music television channel, and I remember thinking to myself how intriguing her music was, and also how stunning she was.

Not long after, Lights released her first full length studio album entitled, The Listening. The Canadian bred artist was achieving new heights and expanding audience interest from more than just a local territory. Since then, Lights (her real, legally changed name!) has released several extended plays of her music, and another studio album called, Siberia in 2011.

But fans were more than pleased when she announced via social media this past summer that her third full length studio album, Little Machines, will be released on September 23.  The songstress also threw out two new singles for her fans including, “Up We Go”, and most recently, “Portal”, which included the first music video from her new album. The buzz and excitement for this new album is a contagious one, but it’s arguable to consider who is more excited – the fans, or the artist herself.

Press Pass L.A. had the opportunity to speak to Lights about her music and her new album, Little Machines:

PPLA: Since The Listening, you’ve gone from a kind of galactic vibe, to Siberia, which was a bit heavier, and apocalyptic even. How did those changes happen within your music?

Lights: Well I want to raise the bar, and take my personal experience to the next level and that’s the challenge of a new record because I want something different, but still me. You can’t make the same thing, but I wanted to use the dubstep and heavy bass, because those are really good live. It’s applying the next thing you like to your music, and not wanting to outdo yourself either.

PPLA: So what did you try to do differently with your new album, Little Machines?

Lights: It’s not so much that I tried to do something different, but it’s definitely the best record I’ve made, which I think is how it should be. With Little Machines, I tried to be great, and that’s what made it different from Siberia. With Siberia, I wanted to experiment, but with Little Machines, I just wanted to make the greatest songs, and make it a satisfying experience for the fans, and make songs that they can sing along to.

PPLA: Social media is something that is very big with this generation right now, and you’ve been pretty open on yours. How do you think opening your fan base like that affects your career?

Lights: It’s incredible on so many levels. I can blast out news, updates, and they just immediately can see it, so it keeps everything moving along. There’s a good level of communication, so it gives me understanding of what they want, but as an artist you do what makes you happy and stay true to yourself. People do often open up to me with their challenges through social media, like depression, or even coming out, and it encourages you to write something that helps. Music is a great tool, and it should be used to make other people happy.

Reporter, Vanessa Koltholf