Aug 8, 2012


You would think that after such a whirlwind to promote their upcoming album, these guys would be living the high life. But after talking to Uricoli, you realize that you are talking to a true musician, who is not in this for anything but the sake of the music. He can remember exactly where he was when he first heard and saw his favorite artists. And the thing that has him the most excited is that his band’s album pre-sale laminate is placed right next to Katy Perry on the Capitol Records Facebook timeline photo.
I spoke with Uricoli when he was back in his stomping ground of Miami, Florida, after finishing up with Hoobastank in Little Rock, Arkansas. Uricoli was happy to have a little down time to refresh before heading out again, though he was not at all happy about the rain. But he quickly perked up when we started talking about his music.

He admitted to being a huge fan of New Found Glory and their pop-punk vibe “…just bouncing around like a bunch of goofballs and having a good time.” He finds himself doing that on stage, and he confessed that Dave Brenner of Theory of a Deadman calls him the “Richard Simmons of Rock” for his stage energy. Uricoli loved touring with Theory of a Deadman, fondly remembering the first time Rino had introduced him to the band and became a fan, “they were just the nicest guys. Everyone is going to make mistakes the first time out, not because we were stupid but because we were green, and Theory could not have been more fantastic about it…we learned a lot from them,” he added.

You have to give Stellar Revival credit for doing most of the work themselves on their first tour. They are driving around in a RV they call Grace with only a roadie and a driver. The roadie, Kevin, has known Uricoli since the age of eight, and works not only as their roadie but also as stage manager. The band has all known each other for some time, having all grown up in and around Miami. Uricoli knows that he has a solid band, but also that each member has its own individual talent.

In our conversation, he praised guitar-player Steve Morgan for his dub-step remixes, including some featuring Stellar Revival songs, saying “[he] really has a hidden talent for that …he sits on his bunk and does it in ten minutes, Steve loves his bunk,” joked Uricoli.

He says that, that really shows on the upcoming album, which he promises has something for everyone. There is currently one single available online, and a second song leaked onto YouTube earlier this month, called “Saving Grace”. The album is set to debut on Capitol Records in late January, and Uricoli is trying to “keep this thing under wraps” until release time.

But if you want a sneak peak of what promises to be an amazing debut album, Stellar Revival is about to kick off their next tour! I heard them play most of it when I saw them open for Theory of a Deadman and these guys know how to work an audience into frenzy. With only a banner behind them, they captivated the House of Blues for thirty straight minutes.

I personally am looking forward to hearing “Edge of a Dream” again; a catchy anthem that Uricoli admits is one of their more autobiographical songs. Consider catching them when they come to your town. These guys know how to start a party!

For tour venues and more music, check them out on Myspace Music- Stellar Revival.