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May 9, 2016


May means graduation! Students across the country will be attending commencement ceremonies and stepping foot into the “adult” world. This means family and friends will be gifting them with presents and infinite words of wisdom…

We can’t help you with the latter but we’ve got a few ideas on what to gift the grad in your life!  Here are out Top Gifts for Grad that won’t make them wish they were still stuck in class.

The Travel Org. We can’t express how important it is to take time after graduating to travel. This is the last ‘summer off’ you will get. After this, it’s all TheTravelOrgabout 2 weeks (if you’re lucky) paid vacation. Sorry to break it to you! So book your ticket and just go!! Gifting a grad a Travel Org means they will have a stylish leather organizer to keep all of their travel essentials safe and easy to access. Think passports, currency, maps, itineraries, and even your iphone or music in one place. Plus a spot to put your car keys and parking ticket so you don’t get back with vacation brain and wonder where you left them.

Stanley Tool Kit. Many graduates will be getting their first place in the real world and this means they will need a good tool kit! From decorating to fixing, this kit has you covered.  Buy on Amazon

a-set-of-tools-is-a-practical-gift-that-will-always-save-the-dayMemory Blanket  Being away from home and out in the working world means sometimes you will need a good snuggle on the couch. A throw blanket made of all your favorite college memories, Greek life T-Shirts and school sporting events is just the fix!MemoryBlanket

Keurig. When your college meal card no longer works, you’ll start to notice just how expensive those Starbucks lattes can be… Caffeine up at home and save some $$ before heading to the office or pounding the payment for your first gig.

Cards Against Humanity– Party like real adults…in the comfort of your own pad with a bottle of wine! Yes, there is a still a social life after college, it just tends to take place in your living room with some laughs instead of a dingy dive bar.



William Sonoma Cheese Board and Wine Glasses. Remember what we said above about wine…well you’ll need a nice set of glasses for that and since it’s basically criminal to toast without cheese, we suggest buying both.

Weekender Bag. After college there are less walks of shames and more weekend getaways! Whether it’s a romantic weekend away, a mini-vacay with friends, or a quick trip home for some home cooked food, you’ll need a stylish bag. We love this Henri Bendel Weekender for ladies and this J. Crew Weekender bag for men.WeekenderBag


Their own Netflix or Hulu Account. College students are no strangers to binge watching their favorite shows but chances are they’ve been doing it on someone else’s dime. The gift of their own login will much appreciated and their parents will thank you too!



Monthly Cooking Subscription Box like HHelloFreshello Fresh.


Let’s be honest, this is the first time most Grads will be cooking for themselves, so they may need a little help. A year’s subscription to a cooking box that gives you all the ingredients and recipes you need to prepare a tasty and healthy meal in minutes sounds like a spot on gift to us!

Our local Los Angeles Universities put on their cap and gown on May 13th at USC and June 10th at UCLA. Congrats to all the graduates!