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Jun 3, 2015


Just in time for summer, we sat down with Sherry Lee Meredith- mother, successful business woman and an ambassador for curvy women around the world! She is also the host and creator of the show Go Curvy, the go-to fashion resource for curvy women. 

She hosts the talk show she created, Go Curvy, which has quickly become the go-to resource for curvy women. She brings her love for life, fashion, fun and real stories to her viewers every Thursday on

Sherry Lee moved to Southern California several years ago and launched a successful chain of salons in the beauty industry.  However in 2011, at the height of her career,  she suffered a stroke which left her paralyzed on half her body. Through rehabilitation, tears, and a lot of willpower, Sherry was able to make a full recovery. This experience gave her time to think about what was important to her in life and she decided she would use her story to inspire others.  She wanted to spread the message of feeling confident in yourself from the inside out so she started Go Curvy which now airs every Thursday. She an inspiration to women of all shapes and sizes and a fashion expert

PPLA: You have overcome some big challenges in your own life and also had many successful business ventures, what piece of advice do you give to other young female entrepreneurs?

SL: In your journey there will be obstacles and people who do not share your dream, it is so important to stay focused on your plan to achieve success! Shut out the noise and stay focused.

PPLA: What do you think about the new Lane Bryant #NotAnAngel campaign?

SL: I found it beautiful, inspirational and real! I know one of the young women in the ad; she battled cancer last year. I loved that Lane Bryant did not cover her scar.

PPLA: What do you think about the term plus size models? There has been a movement lately to drop the term plus size, do you support it?

SL: What does plus size even mean? If a model is over a size 8 she is considered plus size in the fashion industry. We are all women. Many shapes and sizes, I say drop it!

PPLA: Tell us a fun fact about you that your fans might not know?SherryLee_GoCurvy

SL: I am a bit of a geek, I have seen Star Wars over 200 times.

PPLA: What’s the most important thing you want viewers to take away from your show Go Curvy?

SL: I hope to help women to find their confidence, no matter what shape, size or age they are. I truly believe that “healthy” means something different for everyone, but it is important to find out what that means for YOU. I suffered a stroke at a very young age because I wasn’t taking care of myself. While there is no “perfect body” we only get one! I hope everyone walks away from Go Curvy knowing that they are smart, beautiful and more than numbers on a scale!

PPLA: Who is the most inspiring guest you’ve had on your show to date? Any upcoming guests we should look forward to?

SL: Last season we had transgender actress, Marlo Bernier, who is absolutely stunning. This interview was different from anything we had done before. I was personally inspired by Marlo and all of the things she has had to overcome to be where she is today, and I think we were able to connect to our viewers on an entirely different level. We are gearing up to launch our 4th season in JUNE 2015, and we have a great line-up so stay tuned!

PPLA: Summer is just around the corner (practically here in Los Angeles!) what are your fashion tips for women of all sizes?

SL: I live by this phrase: “confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.” I put that above everything else. But my personal go to piece, and something I take with me everywhere, is a black blazer. Put it on with your jeans or over your favorite dress. Classy and stylish.

PPLA: And any beauty must-haves for summer?

SL: I am loving all of the fun hair colors this season! They sell a variety of temporary dyes/chalks that are simple and easy to use, so why not have a little fun!? I love pink and teal for summer.

PPLA: What are your personal pick me ups when you aren’t feeling your best?

SL: Every curvy woman has those days when you’re not feeling your best. On those days, it’s important to get out of your head first. I always start the day by looking in the mirror and telling myself just how beautiful I am. Another great tip is to write yourself a note reminding yourself of how wonderful you are. Keep this note in your bag to look at throughout your day or take of picture of it and use it as your screensaver. I’ve also noticed that random acts of kindness help get me out of my head. It can be something as simple as calling a friend or family member to check in or to say “I love you.” And finally, do something nice for YOURSELF. You deserve a treat. Go see a movie, get a manicure or just take a walk. But don’t forget the most important thing…you’re smart, you’re beautiful, and you are more than numbers on the scale.

Follow Sherry Lee on social media at @gocurvy.