Dec 15, 2011


Ah, the Golden Globes.  My personal favorite amongst statue-giving shows.  How I adore thee round tables and free flowing liquor.  If the Oscars are Meryl Streep, the Globes are Kristen Wiig.  A little wild, a little tipsy, and, thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, always a tad random.

For the most part, the big categories sported no major surprises – save Hugo as a ‘Best Motion Picture’ – Drama nominee (I know it’s Scorsese, but seriously?).  The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo got a much-needed pick-me-up in the form of an acting nom for Rooney Mara, possibly kicking off its campaign as an awards season contender.  An obvious omission to the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ category is that of Melissa McCarthy for her brilliant performance in Bridesmaids – the type of quirky role the Globes often applaud.  But the movie noms truly belong to George Clooney, with triple-dipped nominations as actor (The Descendants), writer (The Ides of March), and director (The Ides of March).  Gosling may have “Hey Girl,” but no one can touch King George!

On the television side – or as I like to call it, “The Premium Channel Awards” – let us mark this as the year that network TV has been officially ousted as a legitimate competitor in awards show land.  Four out of the five ‘Best Television Drama’ noms went to pay-cable channels (spread amongst HBO, Starz, and Showtime).  And only ABC and Fox walked away with Best Television Comedy/Musical noms – with ABC’s Modern Family being, in my opinion, the only one of the three network nominations deserving the honor.  Community, Parks and Recreation, The Big Bang Theory…even The Office, which has seen its best season in years, sans Michael Scott…were all left on the cutting room floor for show nods.  And herein lies the oft-seen bias of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, skewing to the once-trendy (Glee), the slightly-international (Episodes), and the quiet kid (Enlightened), but rarely the truly funny.  Jim Parsons, you’ll always be my write-in.

The Golden Globe Awards will air live on NBC, January 15, 2012, 8pm ET/5pm PT. For a complete list of Golden Globe Awards nominations, visit the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.