Jan 14, 2013


Photo Credit, Getty Images

I had the great privilege of attending one of this year’s most exclusive Golden Globes pre-award show gifting suites to check out the new exotic luxury goods from all over the world. Instead of showcasing items that anyone can purchase, this couture lounge revealed unique treasures created for celebrities who enjoy living in the lap of luxury.

At the DPA pre-awards gifting lounge, international brands set up shop prepared to pamper Hollywood’s royalty. Everything was uniquely made from countries all over the world including India, Finland, Canada, France, Tahiti, Germany, Kuwait, Norway, Brazil, Spain, Japan, and of course USA.

Here are some of my favorite new discoveries. Some of the most popular items at the lounge were the different brands of artisan hand-crafted jewelry. The theme was natural and exquisite in many of the pieces, which were created using precious stones and metals. Canada vendor Ancient Treasures offered jewelry in the form of petrified wood from Nova Scotia, which is a natural fossil preserved from volcanic ash from millions of years ago. The wood is then crafted into fine semi-precious stones by the handy work of the Cape Breton Jewelers. Other jewelry from Canada included colorful and fashionable gems from Jac-out-of-the-box, which were uniquely inspired by coastal living and fashion. There was also the premiere of the first Kuwaiti jewelry designer in Hollywood, Dana Nafisi. A diamond in the rough, Dana gifted celebrities with silver cuffing’s and ruby pendants.

Another favorite couture designer was Cecilie Melli from Norway, whose accessories were glamorous, bold, and sophisticated statement pieces. Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, and Victoria Beckham are just a few stars who would illuminate as shining gems in these designers collections. No doubt no nominee would leave the lounge unadorned without this fine craftsmanship, which could give Rodeo Drive a run for its money.

Amongst these finds, there was also a unique debut of beauty treatments and products from the Spanish line The Lab Room. Monica Ceño Elie-Joseph should be considered a doctor in the world of bath and body rich and aromatic scented oils, lotions, and candles. Her sophisticated unisex line has the prescription to evoke any feeling of calmness and serenity using your five senses. These products bring the spa home to you. To sample the different mood changing effects from her products, Monica showed me how the different scented oils created a completely new smell when added on top of each other. One particular oil was a rare find from India, and when combined with a few of the other natural scents, transported me to a completely different part of the world and mindset. The Seven Scent collection definitely earns a Golden Globe for it’s aromatic powers. Monica says that Penelope Cruz is also a fan of The Lab Room, especially their buttery moisturizing body creams.

Making our way around the world, I had to stop at France’s couture designer handbags from Favorite. The pochettes, or handbags, are unique brightly colored Python bags that combine both fashion and function. A chain is included with the clutch to slide under the fold so it doubles as a shoulder bag. If you’re looking for something more functional, you can remove the chain and unfold the bag to create a pouch for an iPad. Inspired by designer Elodie Baude’s love for Paris and New York City, these bags are made to order in France for only selected guests.

Representing the Los Angeles fashion, Bleulab by Carl Jones featured a unique collection of designer jeans that put a modern and functional spin on the all American jean and legging. These jeans can be worn inside out doubling as a different style. You get two jeans and two different looks for the price of one. They are stretchy, tight, and sexy. Bleulab jeans are not your typical mom jeans or Levis. They come in an assortment of fabrics, patterns, and textures. Edgy and functional, they are great for traveling in style around the world and around this international luxury lounge.

Finally, with all that shopping for celebs it would only make sense that they take a break and a little vacation at the St. Regis in Bora Bora and at the St. Regis in Princeville in the Hawaiian islands. St. Regis resorts offered guests of the DPA lounge exclusive invitations to visit these hotels and private islands. After the award show season ends, the Golden Globe nominees may secretly decide to kick back in these luxurious hideaways.

To add the icing to the cake, it wouldn’t be a true sweet and rich gifting lounge without the sweets! Gourmet Eclairs, and cupcakes from a bakery shop in Arizona called Bite Me! offered samplings of their baked goodies to tempt you on the way out. Owner Roxy Morales has figured out the recipe to the best eclairs I have ever eaten. These seductive sweets scream Bite Me! Once you have one, you will be hooked!

The DPA gifting lounge was an exotic trip around the world that appealed to the five senses, showing that hard work and a successful career in life deserves to be blessed. The global couture lounge was the perfect experience for a Golden Globe cast of stars.

Celebrity attendees included Adam Lambert (American Idol), Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy), Jennifer Love-Hewitt (The Client List) and more!