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Jan 10, 2014


This Sunday will find the Hollywood Foreign Press joined for the annual Golden Globe awards, and with the talk of fashion, also comes talk of awards. Below is the predictions for the upcoming awards show taking place on NBC at 5 PM (PST) / 8 PM (CST). Be sure to check back here after the awards to see how we did and how you compared.

Best Drama
The nominees:
12 Years A Slave
Captain Phillips 

As we have seen this season, with Saving Mr. Banks out of the running – at this point – Gravity or 12 Years are pretty much a shoe in. Word of mouth, topic, themes and the general bevy of talk is all but leaning towards McQueen taking the prize but with the recent BAFTA nom, Gravity could pull through – its a 50/50 split.

Winner: 12 Years of Slave
Should Win: Gravity
Best Musical or Comedy
More crowded than previous years and chock full of films that could fall as either a Dramedy, this Musical or Comedy category his year looks the be the closest to call. The momentum really is on Hustle; that is, unless Nebraska can keep voters perked up.
American Hustle
Inside Llewyn Davis
The Wolf of Wall Street

Winner: American Hustle
Should Win: Her
Best Foreign Language

The biggest surprise and largest draw on this evening is going to be this particular category. Three of the films (Blue, The Past and The Wind Rises) aren’t going to be eligible for Oscars come next month, Wadjda was overlooked, and the other two nominees are almost shoe-ins for the Academy. With all of the talk off-screen this year for Blue, there is still a good chance that Wind Rises could get the gold.

The Nominees
Blue Is The Warmest Color
The Great Beauty
The Hunt 
The Past 
The Wind Rises

Winner: Blue Is the Warmest Color
Should Win: Any

Best Animated Feature

Okay so we have to admit – this is a biased category since the best film that SHOULD be here isn’t allowed (The Wind Rises) as the Globes shut out any foreign language animated features for nomination. With the case being what it is, there really is only one choice left, considering Monsters University isn’t apparently on the radar of the voters. It’s cold out there and on Sunday, things are going to stay Frozen.

The Nominees
The Croods
Despicable Me 2

Winner: Frozen
Should Win: We said it before, we will say it again….The Wind Rises

Best Director

In a category that has left out a obvious nominee (Her’s Spike Jonze), and with such large discussion on the filmmaking techniques involved with Gravity, currently Alfonso Cuaron may have the advantage over photographer-turned-director, Steve McQueen from 12 Years of Slave – still it doesn’t matter at all if the much-loved O’Russell ends up splitting the bill and coming out on top. This will be close…

The nominees:
Alfonso Cuaron: Gravity
Paul Greengrass: Captain Phillips
Steve McQueen: 12 Years of Slave
Alexander Payne: Nebraska
David O Russell: American Hustle
Winner: Gravity
Should Win: Gravity
Best Actress in A Drama

As a precursor to the Oscars, you might as well get comfortable with this category cause we are more than likely going to see it again. While Sandra Bullock did an admirable job in space, Blanchett is not only loved by the Hollywood Foreign Press but Blue Jasmine is a transformative performance.

The Nominees
Cate Blanchett: Blue Jasmine
Sandra Bullock: Gravity
Judi Dench:  Philomena 
Emma Thompson: Saving Mr. Banks
Kate Winslet: Labor Day

Winner: Blanchett
Should Win: Blanchett
Best Actor

4 of the 5 nominees here are major hitters and with just cause – their performances are astounding. For sure Ejiofor has the top rung currently due to the impact of Slave but everyone loves a committed actor and McConaughey’s change in Dallas Buyers Club has him coming almost neck and neck. The toughest call really is going to come down between people feeling like Hanks or Redford had it worst on the open seas.

The Nominees
Chiwetel Ejiofor: 12 Years of Slave
Idris Elba: Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
Tom Hanks: Captain Phillips
Matthew McConaughey: Dallas Buyers Club
Robert Redford : All Is Lost

Winner: Ejiofor
Should Win: McConaughey or Ejiofor

Best Actress (Musical or Comedy)

The Hollywood Foreign Press has shown its love for the indie projects in this category with 3 very strong candidates that all deserve some praise and applause ( Delpy, Gerwig and Louis-Dreyfus) but with everyone hopping on the Amy Adams/Jennifer Lawrence bandwagon lately and
with the awards Queen herself (i.e. Meryl Streep) not garnering a recent BAFTA nomination – this award could be up for the taking.

The Nominees

Amy Adams: American Hustle
Julie Delpy: Before Midnight
Greta Gerwig: Frances Ha
Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Enough Said
Meryl Streep: August: Osage County

Winner: Adams
Should Win: Deply


Best Actor (Musical or Comedy)

Okay gamblers get your score cards out for this one! Not only is this the hardest and most competitive category, but it really is anyone’s guess on who will come out on top. The favorite certainly has to be Dern from his previous wins this year and his stellar performance, but with every other nominee being a contender – its going to be tense at the theater come “and the award go to” time.

Christian Bale: American Hustle
Bruce Dern: Nebraska
Leonardo DiCaprio: The Wolf Of Wall Street
Oscar Isaac: Inside Llewyn Davis
Joaquin Phoenix: Her

Winner: Dern
Should Win: Dern
Best Supporting Actress

So, not as straight forward and easy to predict as most, this category really is wide spread. With 12 Years a Slave being the strongest contender for acting & production awards out there, N’youngo is most likely to take this one but keep in mind that the Globes don’t necessarily go for the most popular come the envelope-opening.

The Nominees
Sally Hawkins: Blue Jasmine
Jennifer Lawrence: American Hustle
Lupita N’yongo: 12 Years of Slave
Julia Roberts:   August: Osage County
June Squibb: Nebraska

Winner: N’yongo
Should Win: N’yongo

Best Supporting Actor

Cooper doesn’t stick out enough while Bruhl & Abdi are happy to be invited. If this doesn’t go to Leto it will be pretty astonishing – Fassbender ’s slave-worker could scare the audience enough to get the vote.

The Nominees
Barkhad Abdi: Captain Phillips
Daniel Bruhl: Rush
Bradley Cooper: American Hustle
Michael Fassbender: 12 Years A Slave
Jared Leto: Dallas Buyers Club

Winner: Leto
Should Win: Leto

Best Screenplay

So, 2 biopics against two fictional stories that are completely engrossing in their own ways…oh yeah, and then there’s Philomena?!?! Okay, lets forget that Before Midnight should have been here – – if we take that out…the biopics are gonna be looked at more seriously, and for all of the talk that Ridley has garnered for taking material as telling as Slave is and adapting to be a bold statement – it will be a surprise if the award doesn’t go to McQueen & Team, but then again, people always love seeing other being brought down in politics – here’s to you Mr. Russell.

The Nominees
12 Years a Slave
American Hustle

Winner: 12 Years of Slave
Should Win: Her
Best Score

Okay here we go again – you got the Zimmer vs. Price – thats pretty much the end of it, and given that most of the awards this season should go to being in space, your best bet is to go with the later – its unconventional and bombastic hearing it in surround sound….plus it will be great to try and watch the Network fit the sounds in when cutting away to commercial breaks.

The Nominees
Alex Ebert: All Is Lost
Alex Heffes: Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
Steven Price: Gravity
John Williams: The Book Thief
Hans Zimmer: 12 Years A Slave

Winner: Gravity
Should Win: Gravity

Best Song

Well given the nominees listed are mostly major hitters in the realm of pop music – its no wonder why Arcade Fire was left off this list for having anything to do with Her – yes, the material wasn’t written for the film but can’t we bend the rules just once?!?! While looking over the list, two things come to mind…1) it would be great to see most of these guys live on the awards show and 2) people love Justin Timberlake doing – anything.

The Nominees
“Atlas”: Coldplay – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
“Let It Go”: Idina Menzel – Frozen
“Ordinary Love”: U2 – Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
“Please Mr. Kennedy” Justin Timberlake & co – Inside Llewyn Davis
“Sweeter Than Fiction” Taylor Swift – One Chance