Feb 11, 2012


Sure, everyone loves the Grammy Awards, but the real excitement comes with the after parties! Among the many vying for celebrity attendance, was the Fame at the Mansion Party held at the infamous Playboy Mansion and hosted by Sean Diddy Combs. The event featured a ceremony honoring Hugh Hefner with the humanitarian award (presented by Pamela Anderson) and benefitted the Angelwish Foundation.

There is something thrilling about being invited to the Playboy Mansion. We’ve all heard the stories and seen the photos of the delectable bunnies by Hef’s side but being there in person, you still find yourself in awe. Press was shuttled to the mansion from the UCLA campus, making it’s location seem all the more secretive and exclusive.  And if the ticket price to get in was any indication, that’s just the way they wanted it (private stage-side cabanas cost $50k)!

That said, it was all for a good cause. Hugh Hefner received the humanitarian award for his involvement with Angelwish, a charity which grants wishes to children with chronic illness, and a portion of all proceeds from the event where donated to the foundation.

The evening was produced by Billie Mitchell Public Relations and included a fashion show featuring celebrity designers Dina Bar-el and Von Vonni, as well as shoe designer ZiGI NY. The runway featured ZarZar Models (with hair and make-up by Plant Salon) and an appearance by America’s Next Top Model Lisa D’Amato, who also walked the red carpet.

The party featured a variety of DJ’s, a scattering of playboy bunnies, bus loads of models, a buffet of tasty treats, poolside pictures and of course, excursions into the grotto.

Despite the party atmosphere, the recent tragedy was at the forefront of everyone’s mind.  When asked about the loss of Whitney Houston, Hefner described the news as “a tremendous loss, so sad”. He remarked about her impact on the industry, starting by saying, “She sang songs” and elaborated to discuss how she sang in a way that no one else could and captured emotions that people were feeling in a way that no one else ever has.

On the carpet the sense of loss was shared by Jenny McCarthy who commented that as a mother herself, her thoughts and prayers went out for Whitney’s daughter. Pamela Anderson decided not to discuss the tragedy with press when asked, visibly upset, and only commented that she was there to honor Hugh Hefner’s humanitarian efforts and use the night to raise money for charity.

Other celebrity attendees included Paris Hilton, One Republic, and Grammy winner Chris Brown. The man of the night, Diddy, took the stage just after midnight and performed for his delighted fans.

At a night full of events, the Playboy Mansion reminded us that there is more to awards season than trophies and parties. We were pleased to be a part of it!