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Feb 11, 2019

Grammys in Review

Music biggest night: The Grammy Awards were a massive success last night thanks to it’s stellar host, Alicia Keys.

Camila Cabello gave us an incredible opening number we kind of want to live in. It reminded us of the colorful joy LA LA Land brought to the big screen in it’s inagural opening number, the bright colors, the up beat music, the dancing. YES, YES, YES!! Take us away to Havana Camila, we STAN you.

Then we saw the massive star power of some of the most influencial women in entertainment join hands as they spoke on topics that matter. “you’re weird” is a badge of honor, as they spoke on how music as affected their lives, and lets face it..ours too. Music is always there to get us through the good and bad times, music is a universal connector. We were thrilled to see Michelle Obama on the Grammys stage. She is always so elequent, and it made us long for more of her. Can she have her own show now? But we digress.

Our favorite performance of the evening goes to Janelle Monae. She was electric. Janelle gave us hardcore Michael and Janet Jackson vibes. She moonwalked Michael’s signature dance move (possibly) better than him. If he was alive, we think this would be a passing of the torch. Her outfit gave us SO MUCH LIFE. It also reminded us of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation. YES! While many said they felt Prince vibes, we’re going with the Jackson siblings.

Country lovers got the treat of their lives when Dolly Parton stole her own tribute song. She was so great. What can you say, Dolly Parton is always front and center. Her moment with God-Daughter Miley Cyrus as they sang Jolene was truly touching.

The best acoustic performance? Overall hostess with the mostess, takes the show! Alicia Keys was unbelievable on TWO pianos. She opened the commercial break playing on two pianos as effortlessly as breathing. Then she went on to form a medly of all her favorite songs by other artists and ended with her and Jay-Z’s hit New York. Can we beg for an “Alicia’s Favorite Records” cover songs record, because we are HERE.FOR. IT. Please let us know when this is happening. Hopefully right now. Here is a clip, but we can’t stress enough how much you should watch this in HD as it was meant to be seen and heard.

Diana Ross celebrated her 75th year with a touching performance as she was also honored, and we loved seeing her Grandson introduce her. This was a stellar year for Grammy performances.

You can check out the complete list of winners HERE.