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May 23, 2018

Hairology 101: The Ouai

Move over traditional advertising. The Ouai is an influencer, and Sephora champion that leaves your hair feeling divine, and smelling like a million bucks. 

Jen Atkin known to many as the ‘mane’ event (see what I did there?) is the genius creator behind The Ouai, and it’s many hair care essentials! After trying the products for two weeks I am obsessed. Yes I’ll be telling you my obsession with the products, and all the reactions I’ve had using them. First of all, I was a bit nervous as I just cut my hair to a layered bob and I was nervous to switch brands so soon into a cut. But anything for research, yeah? First off my initial reaction to using the shampoo and conditioner was WOW I smell expensive. Haha. I mean it, her products have a dreamboat smell and rival Oribe on the scent-o-meter, which by the way had Tom Ford’s designer make their scent. Jen made hers, so Brava mi Dama.

The shampoo and conditioner work really well as a team, and leave my thick curly hair soft as silk. I have pretty fine hair as it is, but alot of conditioners tend to leave it poofy, and hers does a good job of smoothing it down on it’s own. Before I even hop into the products to texturize my bob, I swear by the oil. Her hair oil is so smooth, and for the record the entire line has a streamlined scent which is perfect. There is nothing worse than a million scents co-mingling in your hair. I don’t care how nice anything smells, once you start layering a bunch of different scents, things get funky. So, the streamlined branding is effective, and leaves your hair very chic as well as handled.

The breakdown: 

The Leave in Conditioner is great! Mostly I loved how it doubles as a detangler. You feel me ladies? There is nothing worse than dealing with knots.

Texturizing Hair Spray: BLESS UP! With my new short bob, this is a blessing from above. I love that I can spray it in and use my hands to naturally squeeze the bottoms of my curls up and watch them hold true to form. Yesssss. This is an essential I don’t see myself parting. Also I’m a klutz and managed to spray myself in the eye, no red eye. What is even in this magic bottle?! Easy on the eyes if you slip up but handles the business with your style. I like it.

For the shampoo and conditioner they sent me the Smooth over Ouai and it deeply hydrates your hair. Living in socal I need all the hydration my baby strands can get! Loving it.

The team at Ouai also sent me the finishing crème, so far I’ve been using it to chill out my baby hair and my ends. I like it, not sure if I’m using it correctly but I think so…..anyhow it smells great and hold the baby hairs in place when I run my hands  through with it so, I’m into it.

I did not get this product BUT, she makes it look so cool. I want to hang with Jen for a day now, and learn all the do’s and don’ts of hair. What do you all think? Let me know if you’ve tried out her products, and if you have what you thought? I’m obsessed! Is there a fan club? Remember those? If they’re still around I’d join for a hair brand..ha. ( but low key for real)