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May 24, 2013


Photo Credit, Jessie Rodriguez

The Wolf Pack is back with the final film to end the trilogy of fun-loving guys who seem to find trouble in every adventure. The Hangover Part III hits theaters Memorial Day week and Press Pass LA was on the red carpet to cover all of the action.

The crowds were in full force greeting the stars of the comedy flick from Bradley Cooper to Zach Galifianakis and Heather Graham. It was time to give the box office hit a final send-off.

Jamie Chung, who played Lauren in the last two films, waltzed down the press line first in a gorgeous black Giorgio Armani gown with lace accents. She told us how she rocked her look with “lots of Nars” cosmetics to get glam.

She was joined shortly thereafter by screenwriter Craig Mazin who told Press Pass LA what surprised him the most from writing the last two pictures. He joked, “Well, I don’t know if Todd [Phillips] and I are capable of learning anything. [But] there was one thing though, we knew that we wanted this dark force in the movie that is brilliantly portrayed by John Goodman. The thing that kind of emerged is his identity and how it ties back to the first movie.”

Sasha Barrese, who played Justin Bartha’s wife in the film, told us the one moment of the three films that she looked back fondly on. Barrese shared, “I really love the song that Ed Helms sings in the first one. It’s the “What Do Tigers Dream of” song. I just thought that was the funniest thing I have ever heard of. I probably sang it for a year in the shower.”

Believe it or not, 1999’s monster hit “MMMbop” is also featured in The Hangover Part III and Hanson was proudly representing their song on the red carpet. When asked about their most epic night out with the boys, middle brother Taylor had quite the tale. He said, “I think of being on tour and partying with the band and waking up and being on a boat. Way too much tequila, waking up fully-clothed in the shower, not knowing what was going on. Thankfully though, no tigers,” referring to Mike Tyson’s tiger from the film.

For star Heather Graham, she had nothing but amazing things to say about her male co-stars. Graham revealed that fame hasn’t changed them. She shared, “It’s cool because even though they are all so successful now they’re kind of the same. They’re just really talented, fun, sweet. It’s just wonderful to catch up with them again.”

Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms wrapped up the final moments of the red carpet with each revealing how they were feeling with the last Hangover in the series. Cooper noted the one lesson he’s taking with him from the trilogy is “Gratitude.” While Helms, who also just wrapped seven seasons on NBC’s The Office offered up, “Fear, angst, and excitement, but it feels good.”

The Hangover Part III opens nationwide on May 23. Watch the trailer here.

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