Aug 17, 2020

Harry Potter Re-Release in 3D Conquer’s China’s Newly Re-Opened Box Office This Weekend

The Harry Potter franchise has to be the most successful franchise of all time. With a re-release of the original film in 3D China, saw a huge uptick in attendance.

Image Still Courtesy of Warner Brothers

The 3D, 4K re-release of the first film in Warner Bros’ multi-billion dollar franchise was able to accio a stellar $13.4 million this weekend, according to local box office consultancy Artisan Gateway. This big showing from¬†The Sorcerer’s Stone¬†pushed the total box office to $21.9 million, the best single weekend performance since China’s cinemas reopened, in a post covid-19 country. With Covid-19 on the decline in China, it is interesting to see how Hollywood movies will perform with audiences willingness to attend.

Movie theaters in China are now into their fourth week of re-opening after a COVID-19 enforced lockdown placed back in January, for public safety. Theater’s are being responsible with the country’s exhibitor’s operating with limits on the number of screens and strict social distancing measures in place. The numbers show the public is still weary to attend the cinema, but Harry Potter in 3D shows, the right films might ease those fears. We’re watching China in anticipation of what the rest of the world might encounter as public spaces, and entertainment venue’s begin to re-open.