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Oct 12, 2013


The Hollywood Black Film Festival arrived at the luxurious W Hotel Hollywood this weekend, with many promising actors and directors in attendance. The premiere of the Dante Wyatt directed Frat Brothers took place, and included a particular rising actress we had the pleasure of speaking with. Ashley A. Williams is the true definition of pursuing dreams, even if it requires packing your bags and moving to a place where you know absolutely no one.

Ashley who is 25, was raised in Miami and attended Florida state University, yet one day decided it was time for her to make her dreams a reality by traveling across the country to the city of Angels. The exciting new talent spoke with The Press Pass LA about her journey to stardom and the goals she has set in place to get there.

PPLA: Hello Ashley, thank you for taking the time out to speak with us. How did you become involved with the film Frat Brothers?

AW:  I was actually seen in a play and was recommended from that to play the role of Nia Breaux.

PPLA: Great, so how did you get started in acting?

AW: Around sophomore year of college I was bit by the bug and really haven’t stopped since. I went to Florida State University and studied biological sciences. So I received my degree in science, but began acting along the way.

PPLA: Wow, those fields are complete opposites.

AW: (laughs) Yeah they are, but I love healthcare and I love helping people, so I definitely want to open up a clinic in the future.

PPLA: Thats great, so when exactly did you arrive in Los Angeles?

AW: Around the end of 2011, so it’s officially been almost 2 years.

PPLA: Who are your dream co-stars that you hope to work with in the future?

AW: Probably Halle Berry. She has amazing moments on camera, and becomes immersed in every character. She’s amazing at telling the film’s story, and I really try to be like her. She’s my idol and I definitely watch her and pay attention to the moves she makes. Also in general as an actor, when I watch films I pay attention to the choices that are made. Anything that emotionally moves me I consider great acting and am inspired by it.

PPLA: So if you weren’t acting, what would be your career at this moment?

AW: I would either be in medical school or PA school. Either to be a doctor or a physicians assistant. I was actually doing an internship as a PA before I began studying acting.

PPLA: What was the filming process for Frat Brothers?

AW: It was a blast. It was three weeks of filming in North Carolina. Everyone was so lovable and got along. There was absolutely no drama thank God, and we have all become one big family even after filming wrapped.

PPLA: Had you ever visited N.C.?

AW: No, and it was cold! It was the beginning of February so it was cold yet beautiful. It was in the country so it was very quiet and peaceful while filming. This was my first time on location because every other film I’ve done has been shot in the city I was living in, so it was a great change. To be flown somewhere and get to do what I love was surreal.

PPLA: I can only imagine! So what is coming up in the future for you?

AW: My friend and I are creating a web series. And I was just cast in an amazing new web series for a writer by the name of Gino Brooks who wrote My Therapist which is an award winning series. I also have a couple of projects coming up at the end of this year.

PPLA: We look forward to your projects! What’s the name and contact of the webseries you are developing?

AW: The series is called Under One Roof and you can find us at You can also check me out at my website

Frat Brothers marks the first starring role for the talented young actress, and premieres today on DVD release. Ashley stars alongside Mishon Ratliff, Romeo Miller, Darrin Dewitt Henson, and Denyce Lawton. Be sure to keep your eyes out for what the intelligent beauty has coming up next!

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