Jan 7, 2018

HBO Golden Globes Lounge

After a two year hiatus we were thrilled to have HBO’s exclusive Golden Globes gifting suite return. The annual HBO lounge was hosted by and stars were gifted their signature DNA kits. We stepped into the luxurious Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, where we were escorted upstairs to the private HBO suites. Branching off onto an intimate patio we were greeted with Pinkberry and a lovely Don Julio bar adjacent to the room. We perused the site and found details of family tree’s and are eagerly awaiting our DNA kits. We can’t wait to do a feature on what finds come of this test, which has taken pop culture by storm.

Inside the second suite of rooms we chatted with the founder of Slyde. This cool company has created a “hand surfboard”. Yes, you read that correctly. This nifty little board is excellent for body surfing, and you don’t need anything more than a backpack to transport this lightweight board. We can’t wait to team up with them in the future. Once the ocean warms up, we’ll have to give you a real life trial run of using Slyde.

We found ourselves educated by the owner of Lucy Hart Ink. Ever thought of having your eyebrows micro-bladed? We’ve got the hot 101 scoop for you thanks to Lucy Hart Ink. You’ll have to pop back in when we run a full feature how to, as well as comparison for all eyebrow types and different skin tones.

Another one of our favorite stops was the Watch Gang. This cool watch company lets you pick a membership tier, and they will mail you a watch monthly. Thats right, new month, new watch. They have an entire community of avid watch collectors who swap watches, and talk shop all day long. They’re launching a women’s line later this year as well.

We know you don’t just want the 411 on goods. We also have our favorite celebrity pictures from inside the lounge for you. What goodies would you have wanted?