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Aug 22, 2022

Head In The Clouds Returns to Rose Bowl

88rising partnered with Goldenvoice to bring a two day music collective experience to Brookside at the Pasadena Rose Bowl.

This past Saturday and Sunday, from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. the two-day Head In The Clouds Music festival featured a variety of Asian and Asian American artists performing across three stages, in addition to a selection of Asian fusion cuisine curated by the 626 Night Market. The event, started by 88rising’s founder ​​Sean Miyashiro, focuses on bringing only the best in Asian music to the stage, its lineup spanning genres and also combining with the legendary 626 Night Market for the festivals food fare. A paradise was born for kpop and food lovers when Head In The Clouds first debuted last year at The Rose Bowl. Now in its second year the festival continues to raise the bar, while also bringing a big music festival home to LA locals. It is really nice not to schlep all the way to Palm Springs or make the bigger trek to San Fransisco to enjoy a music festival.

The festival was pretty hot during the day, which made us plan our arrival into the early evening to avoid the worst of the sun’s rays. With the app it was super helpful to plan arrivals and departures. The app helped to navigate not only the floor plan of the festival but also the set times of artists which made navigating snacks, shows, and chill time a breeze.

The festival featured a star-studded list of headliners and the debut of the CLUB YEAR OF Dance Tent. On Saturday, Keshi, mxmtoon, MILLI, Yebi Labs (Joji DJ set) among others took the stage with Joji surprising the crowd with a performance culminating with his multi-platinum hit “Slow Dancing in the Dark.” The two-day affair ended on a high note Sunday with performances from Jackson Wang, Rich Brian, Raveena, Warren Hue, and an epic finale. Jackson Wang rocked the entire venue when he went onstage with Milli to perform their brand new single ‘Mind Games.” To say that the crowd went wild is an understatement.

 One of our favorite highlights from the festival was the Teriyaki Boyz and Rich Brian taking the stage for a reimagination of “Tokyo Drift.” Which…in our opinion is still the best theme song from any of the Fast and Furious films. We hope this re-imagine collaboration will pop up in our actual music feed, because that is one single we want (need) on our workout playlist.

Image Credit: Alive Coverage

Highlights from some of our favorite performances at Head In the Clouds includes, MILLI. A first time Head In the Clouds performer she expressed her joy and gratitude for her time on the stage, we were smitten when she walked out in an adorable cloud shaped hat. One of our favorite takeaway’s from Milli’s performance was her seamless incorporation of music featuring her most popular hits in both Thai and English.

Image Credit: Lindsey Blane

MXMTOON may have been the most interactive with her fanbase which warmed our hearts. Performing is hard work but seeing an artist take such time to interact with fans even while on stage is a gift. Mxmtoon went so far as to ask the audience if they wanted to be in her BeReal post. She also chatted it up with audience members about the video game “Valorant.” ( we’ll get back to you on that as we’ll have to look it up shh). Her music set was fun and upbeat while also feeling laid back and inclusive. One of our favorite performances. Mxmtoon has personality for days.

Image Credit: AI.Visuals

Meanwhile, JACKSON WANG never disappoints on stage. Ahead of his new album fans were shoulder to shoulder as he took the stage. Wang is no stranger to teasing fans and surprising them. With epic choreography and fire outfits it is no surprise his legion of fans packs in early for his set times. Jackson Wang’s performance always leaves us a bit in awe of how much detail and work must go into his shows. The man clearly isn’t leaving a single crumb unturned before he takes the stage. With upbeat numbers, fan interactions, and surprise guests, Jackson Wang is a performer we’re always excited to see take the stage.

Image Credit: Alive coverage

And of course the TERIYAKI BOYZ came in hot, a total blast from the past. We had so much fun with their epic set. We only wish they had, had more time. It gave us all the early 00’s vibes and suddenly we wished we wore our bucket hat and overalls to match the music.

Let us know who your favorites from this year’s Head in The Clouds were, and who you hope will take the stage next year.