Oct 14, 2020

Healthy Habits Begin With Water

Did you know that your body is composed of 60% water? Thats right, which is why when we discovered Hab we thought we’d give it a sample. Here’s what we thought, of our tasty water experiment.

Why is water good for you? Well a better question is what isn’t beneficial about water, because the positives go on and on. If you aren’t a big water fan you should know that water helps maximize physical performance,  it also significantly affects energy levels and brain function. Oh and did you know it help prevent and treat headaches? Also helps with constipation, treating kidney stones, and it helps with hangovers. With all of us becoming our own professional mixologists, now seems like the best time to add water to our diet. That is where Hab comes in. If you can’t quite palate the taste of regualr water try adding this healthy and sustainable flavor to aid you in changing your habits.

With quarantine still well underway and many of us working remotely, it’s a perfect time to establish new habits, as we adapt to our unique routines from home. Hab has made it easy to make small lifestyle adjustments while creating long-lasting benefits for personal health and environmental sustainability. Brought to you in a friendly bite-size tab, Hab offers great fruit-flavored water without the single-use waste of a plastic bottle.

Just pop 2 of the tablets into any 12oz bottle and you get the perfect dash of flavor without any of the side effects of soda, or the high sodium count some sparkling waters have. Hab currently comes in lemon lime and clementine. The product’s packaging is 100% plastic free and prodcut labels are 100% post consumer material and soy based non-toxic ink. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.