Music, Underground
Jun 23, 2012


The road of life has many paths on it. We don’t always know what is there in front of us, but at long as we move with confidence and always forward, we might just find our dreams. That is the case for Brian Burn, a young man from Los Angeles with a great amount of talent as both a songwriter and musician, who is going to be finding his way down a path of success before long.

Music isn’t always an industry that is the most lucrative; there are many starving artists who are evidence of that. However, that isn’t what it’s about for Brian. “I’ve always loved music,” he explains, “Music is the only thing that ever made sense to me when I was younger. I always thought that it would be great to inspire others the way that music inspired me.” Burn’s album is called Heart is a Ghost Town, a personal story about moments in Brian’s life.

“I was at the lowest of lows. I am not sure where that line came up from,” he said with a chuckle under his breath, “but it felt as empty as you could get, and it really fit.” The line comes from his song “Flames”, which is his lead track on the album. They always say to lead with your best foot forward, and “Flames” is no exception. Each of the songs is based on real life experiences for Brian. The album reflects his own personal struggle. The melancholy atmosphere of “Flames” fully immerses the audience and immediately creates and empathetic feel.

Through his words and music, we are led to feel what Brian is feeling, yet the words are still completely metaphorical and open to interpretation. “All of the words tell a story,” Brian said, “but I’ve always liked metaphors. Even with traditional stories, everyone gets their own meaning out of it.” By making the songs a metaphor, the listener is able to extrapolate their own meaning to each song and apply it to their own lives. “What the songs means to me it might not mean to you or to the next person, and I think it’s better that way.” Passion, emotion, inspiration and great story telling are all things you will find on Heart is a Ghost Town, but one thing you won’t find is profanity.

“I’ve never been very comfortable with profanity,” Brian said. “I am not against it, and not saying I won’t use it in the future. I’ve never been big on censorship or being told what you can and can’t say, but it just didn’t really have a place here.” As the album continues, each track acknowledges the hardships and heartaches that come along with life, but to continue in spite of them. As opposed to most modern musicians who are just making tracks to be singles and hope for some radio time, Brian has written each song both as an individual song to convey a personal message, while at the same time the entire album tells a story; one of overcoming pain through perseverance and redemption on the other side. “I’ve always wanted to inspire people,” Brian explains, “and I hope that my music has done that.”

If you would like a chance to hear and experience Brian Burn’s music for yourself, he will be performing on July 10 for the Basement Sessions at Hemingway’s for the album release.

Check out this video of Brian recording Heart is a Ghost Town  with veteran music producer Muddy Dutton (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Burning Tree, Dwight Yoakam) in the studio.

Listen to his tracks on Brian Burn Music on Facebook or on Soundcloud.