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Dec 26, 2017

Top Picks For Movie Outtings This Holiday Week

So we’re all off from work, we’ve made it through Christmas and are enjoying the downtime before kicking off 2018. What the heck are you going to do? We suggest kicking back and enjoying one or all of our holiday movie recommendations, now in theaters. 

If you haven’t done a holiday weekend escape, or don’t have plans yet, we suggest a trip to the movies. Besides Star Wars: The Last Jedi there are some pretty incredible films out in theaters right now and we’re breaking them down for you.


Don’t miss out on your chance to see The Greatest Showman in theaters now. Hugh Jackman shines as the enigmatic dreamer P.T. Barnum who created today’s arguably most famous circus Barnum & Bailey. The story is set as a whimsical musical, filled with memorable songs and incredible dance scenes. Michelle Williams is a delight as Charity Barnum, while Zac Efron and Zendaya shine like diamonds throughout the film. The film also features a spectacular supporting cast of characters who breathe life into creating lasting impressions of Barnum’s first Circus performers. Check out the trailer below:




The Bellas are back Pitches! Everyone’s favorite dynamic pipsqueak Anna Kendrick is back, along side her fabulous co-stars: Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfeld, Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee, Chrissie Fit, Shelley Jackle, Shelley Regner, and of course Elizabeth Banks. This film franchise is actually the highest grossing musical comedy. Filled with music, laughs, and cringe worthy memorable failures. Pitch Perfect 3 is one film franchise you won’t want to miss out on. Check out the trailer for yourself:



Okay…we’re sure you’ve probably already seen it. But everyone knows everything is better with age. Hopefully you’ll catch this for the first time over the holiday break or catch it again with the whole family. The Last Jedi, directed by Rian Johnson is the Star Wars story we’ve all been waiting for. The film is filled with everything you’ve come to expect from the Star Wars universe …and we all miss our Princess Carrie Fisher. She is a light in the Star Wars universe and we can’t recommend watching her final performance enough.


DO YOU SMELL…wait no, no sorry thats the wrong catch phrase for Dwayne Johnson nowadays. Go for a great time in theaters this holiday season and catch Jumanji. Director Jake Kasdan made a new world of the Jumanji game and how it entraps it’s players, without damaging our love for beloved Robin William’s original. You just can’t go wrong on comedy with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart on screen. The entire cast does an incredible job of portraying waylaid teens, trying to escape a game or forfeit their lives. This is the type of big action, popcorn movie we all love. Don’t miss your chance to catch it on the big screen.


Spending time with your Nieces and Nephews this holiday season? Don’t worry. Disney X Pixar deliver on Coco. Filled with laughs and tear worthy moments, our adorable protagonist Miguel shows us how much heart it takes to follow your dreams. Banned from playing music his little musical heart transports us to the world of the dead from Mexico’s famous annual tradition ‘Dia de los Muertos’. Searching fo this ancestor’s blessing to play music, he goes on to heal a generational wound which has left his modest family of shoemakers without music for three generations. Coco teaches us there is more to every story than meets the eye. This one is a real tear jerker. Bring tissues.


Surviving the family dinner table on shot number…you lost count? We’ve got you. Go with family or treat yourself to Father Figures. This hilarious comedy with Owen Wilson and Ed Helms is just what you need. Trust us, you’ll want to grab a beer or wine and kick your feet up while you enjoy the hilarious antics that abound in Father Figures.