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Sep 15, 2021

Hollywood Climate Summit Eco-Bash Presented by WithOthers

Ready to get all the 411 on the environment? Well, Eco-Bash is coming to Hollywood on September 25th with, WithOthers.

Full speaker lineup for Hollywood Climate Summit 2021.

As you may have noticed from the WithOthers launch announcement yesterday, the Hollywood Climate Summit is returning next week featuring Rosario Dawson and many more. WithOthers is presenting the only live (in-person) event! This year’s summit, taking place during Climate Week, from September 23-26, will consist of four action-oriented days packed with digital, interactive programming, along with one in-person outdoor event, Hollywood Climate Summit Eco-Bash presented by WithOthers, featuring local tribes and frontline activists, musical performance by actor/singer Lee Rodriguez (Netflix, Never Have I Ever), comedy by Pallavi Gunalan, a screening of the documentary YOUTH v GOV, directed by Christi Cooper, and MC’d by comedian Kalen Allen (Correspondent, The Ellen Degeneres Show). 

WithOthers is the revolutionary new platform built to support the next generation of activists and help them execute intimate music events around the globe. WithOthers launched in Los Angeles this week and is celebrating by hosting a series of live music events beginning September 24, which includes the Hollywood Climate Summit Eco Bash VIP Show.

You can apply for free tickets at

Image Credit: Mert Guller

Founded by Sofar Sounds, Tom Lovett, WithOthers gets artists in a room with their fans at intimate music events to support the causes they care about and make change happen together. WithOthers’ mission is to help the next generation of activists stay focused on their message by taking care of the hard stuff, making it as easy as one click to plan, promote and produce an amazing show. Save time, raise money, grow your community with them. Their vision is a global community of the next generation of activists. For more information, please visit