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Jan 10, 2015


One of the biggest weekends in Hollywood is upon us, the annual Golden Globe Awards in which the industry’s finest compete for top honors rivaled only by The Oscars next month. We sat down with industry insider and longtime Entertainment Editor Abby Tegnelia to discuss her predications!

Abby Tegnelia is currently the Entertainment and Travel editor for Now it Counts, the hip new destination for Americans 50+. There, she covers the brightest stars, including favorites Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Patrick Stewart, and Alan Cumming.

A celebrity journalism veteran, she has previously worked at Us Weekly, In Touch, and OK. She was most recently editor-in-chief of Vegas Magazine and now lives in the Bay Area. On the side, Abby co-owns a celebrity gossip agency that sells Hollywood stories to the biggest magazines in UK and Australia.

goldenglobesWe had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with her about her predictions for the Golden Globe Awards taking place this Sunday, January 11th.

PPLA: What were the biggest shockers and snubs this year for the GG announcement?

AT: The biggest shocker by a landslide was Angelina Jolie’s being bypassed for a Best Director nomination for Unbroken. There was so much buzz about her being a shoo-in for the Oscar win, so a complete snub by the Golden Globes was huge. Besides, the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association tend to be a bit starstruck. You’d think they’d want Angelina at their big event!

Personally, I was also upset that Orphan Black was overlooked for the second year. It is so distinct and special. When the star, Tatiana Maslany (who plays 10 significantly different characters – and counting!), was skipped over last year, I thought it was a fluke. (She was nominated her first year.) And I was totally surprised that Gone Girl wasn’t nominated for Best Film.

PPLA:  Now that Modern Family and Big Bang Theory are shut out, who do you predict with take the comedy helm at GG?

AT: I love that they veered completely off the path from what the past few years looked like. Jane the Virgin is the dark horse – it sort of came out of nowhere to win huge raves. But I think it’ll be neck and neck between Transparent and Orange is the New Black, with Transparent having the slight advantage.

PPLA: Speaking of dark horses, any films or other performances that you think have a real shot to win? Will Hollywood politics come into play?

AT: Yup – big time! The fun part about the Hollywood Foreign Press is that the members are sort of mysterious and from these faraway places. So when both Unbroken and American Sniper were snubbed, the gossip was that it must be political. House of Cards has a chance of beating Game of Thrones (considered the favorite) this year. Also, I consider Birdman a complete dark horse in that it dominated the noms very unexpectedly. It could clean up on Sunday!

PPLA: Thoughts on returning hosts Amy Pohler and Tina Fey.Abby Tegnelia

AT: No one’s better for this event. I hope they host it into old age.

PPLA: How do you think GG affects the tone for the rest of awards season?

AT: It sets a really great tone actually! The stars have fun – the Golden Globes is famously the show where they can go grab a drink at the bar and walk around to socialize. Plus, TV and film stars are together in one room. It’s always nice to see them so relaxed and visiting with their competition and other Hollywood bigwigs. Leave the relentless and cutthroat campaigning and competition behind the scenes – at the Globes, everybody loves everybody.

PPLA: Let’s talk red carpet! Who do you think will standout and bring the best in fashion?

AT: I love seeing actors from shows like Orange is the New Black and Game of Thrones all dolled up. But this year, I think Robin Wright, Julianna Margulies, Amy Adams, Reese Witherspoon, and Julianne Moore will own the red carpet. All are nominated in super-competitive categories and know how to shine when it’s their turn in the spotlight.