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Mar 16, 2012


Amongst a slew of elite fashion shows vying for attention during LA Fashion Week, we came across a competition featuring up & coming designers (an idea we love!). The evening also benefited the charity One World, One Ocean. Say no more…we were front row for last night’s runway show at Factory in Hollywood.

The evening started off with a red carpet that brought out the six competing designers and their models, as well as fashionistas and celebrity supporters. On the carpet we spotted Rick Mora (Twilight series), Wade Williams (Prisonbreak), Natalie Victoria (Deadheads), Sarah Winchester (The Real Housewives of Orange County) and Bai Ling (The Crow) who served as one of the guest judges for the evening.

The fashion show had a party vibe to it with a buffet by a celebrity chef and vegan desserts, music by DJ’s KIM KAT(Kim Lee & Katrina Nova) and Ross Butler, and a live performance by the Youtube sensation R.O.G Band (brothers Josh & JB Welch) and their naughty nurse dancers from their recent “Paralyzed” Music Video. It was certainly not your typical fashion show! In fact if felt like a cross between a Saturday ladies night out and a girls night in watching Project Runway…and I dug it! The evening was produced by Momentum Entertainment and createdby Analiza Davidson. It was publicized by GME PR. The event aimed to raise awareness for One World, One Ocean. This campaign is founded by the  filmmakers behind the most notable  IMAX movies featuring environmental causes, including To the Artic.

The designers in the competition included Aros CrystosPeter Phan Label, Azada by Tara from Tarra Haggiag,  MTBC & Co by Leticia Davidson, Katushka Couture, and Zeplo Designs. The event also featured the debut of a young fifteen-year old designer, Courtney Allegra and featured swimwear by Chantelow.

The show started off with  my personal favorite of the designers, Azada by Tara which easily could have showcased  downtown this week amongst more established brands. Her jackets are made with hand-woven fabrics from Southeast Asia and are tailored in Italy. The designs were sexy and chic and could be worn as a jacket-dress. I was struck by the gold design the designer wore on the red carpet and was not left disappointed when the rest of the line walked the runway .

The designs by MTBC & Co. where next to hit the catwalk but lacked the sophistication and elegance of it’s runway predecessor. This did not go unnoticed by the judges who commented that they did not feel this was Davidson’s best work. That said, the dresses were flirty and fun with stretch  and other forgiving fabrics perfect for many body types and a style meant for an evenings of cocktails a la Sex in the City. I could see these designs finding their way to an H&M sometime soon.

Aros Crystos is a designer who looks like he stepped out of the 60’s hippie-love era. His featured line, titled Aros’s Galactic Orgasm Designs (nicknamed G.O.D.), aims to “promote harmony and joy for the wearer” . When asked on stage about his inspiration he said he wanted it to feel like  “you were out there in the universe experiencing ecstasy”.   His designs are all eco-conscious, created with vibrant colors from repurposed materials. I don’t know if they are for the practical wearer but I certainly tripping on his style.  I also wanted to recognize his use of both male and female models and a unique dance presentation in showcasing his collection on the runway.

Peter Phan incorporates dramatic edge into women’s wardrobes. His styles looked liked they walked straight out of a Lady Gaga video incorporating ultra short hems (hip length!), leather, feathers, lace, metallic details, and stylized sleeves, shoulder accents, and collars. Probably the most visually interesting and diverse of the lines. Not every lady could pull this outfits off, but I can certainly see these looks rocking the carpet at next year’s Grammy’s or AMA’s.

Fifteen year old fashion prodigy Courtney Allegra featured her line, black pieces accentd with grey stripes, sequins, white lace, and the occasional pink trim. A sort of edgy ballerina look percet for the young, trendy Hollywood. Pehaps, she could intern for Peter Phan. Her look reminded me of a juniors version of his more mature tastes.  A great debut for this aspiring talent.

The judges selected Peter Phan as this year’s Hollywood Top Designer. Check out their designs and let us know who would have gotten your vote!