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Sep 8, 2022

How Hollywood Will Mourn Queen Elizabeth

Never has a living person been more chronicled that her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second, God rest her soul. Hollywood has been obsessed with the monarch for decades. She was a final constant figure in a world of fast paced changes.

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Queen Elizabeth’s reign lasted 70 years and during that time opened a new lense into the British Monarchy. The Queen has been portrayed onscreen by the likes of Helen Mirren, Claire Foy, Olivia Colman and Jeannette Charles. One of Netflix’s most popular series to this day is The Crown.The show’s creator Peter Morgan has attempted to capture multiple different eras of her life both in The Crown and his film The Queen. There is an affection for the Queen on-set, and the sad news of her passing today is causing certain things to be reevaluated. The series 5th season is due to premiere on Netflix this November, however, due to her majesty’s passing the series has immediatley halted production on season 6 in a bid to grant privacy and due thought to the passing of such a legendary monarch. Of the tapping ceasing production the show’s creator has said, “The Crown is a love letter to her and I’ve nothing to add for now, just silence and respect,” Peter Morgan wrote in an email, according to Deadline. “I expect we will stop filming out of respect too.”

At this time nothing is certain as far as production on The Crown goes. Will the fifth season still premiere in november? When will filming resume for the 6th season that shared flashes of Princess Diana in her iconic revenge dress? We don’t know. The shows creators and directors have expressed nothing but their utmost desire to respect the Queen and honor her memory before moving forward.

Queen Elizabeth’s reign was the type history books will write about. She ruled for 70 years after the untimely passing of her father. Hollywood has regaled the monarch with biopics, series, and documentaries galore. We’ve found trailers for some of our favorites and shared their trailers down below. Sometimes when a person of significance passes it can feel like loosing someone you knew intimately. For the majority of the world Queen Elizabeth has been the only monarch the world has ever known. Indulging in films and series that celebrate her legacy is also a form of grieving, if you need it for the passing of such a constant figure in all our lives. Here are some of the more impressive works in her honor that have graced the silver screen and your television.

The Crown, four seasons are currently available on Netflix.

Peter Morgan’s other love letter to Queen Elizabeth, The Queen.

From the BBC, a documentary into her extraordinary life.

None of us can forget her majety’s entrance with James Bond for the London Olympics. An iconic moment cementing the Queen into the upper echelons of pop culture.

One of our personal favorite films on the Queen takes place in her early years when she was the Princess Elizabeth and a mechanic in the Royal British Army during World War 2. The film follows a night of her and her sister, Princess Margaret’s adventures after the allies wone World War 2.