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Mar 1, 2014


Every once and a while there comes a story that touches us and leads us to think a just little longer of the issues surrounding our world today. “The Recommendation” does just that.

Currently running for the first time in Los Angeles thanks to the IAMA Theatre Company (co-founded by Scandal actress Katie Lowes).

The Jonathan Caren written play tells a moving story of the loyalties friendship and of the influence class and ethnicity have in our lives. Starring Adam Shapiro, Malcolm Barrett, and Brandon Scott, “The Recommendation” explores the experience of being a “have” in some moments and a “have not” in others and asks whether you can really have two friends on the opposite ends of that spectrum.

With smart and humorous dialogue, the play raises questions about our “post-racial” country and looks deeper into California’s prison-industrial complex. What is perhaps most impressive about the production though is the intimate way the story is told to the audience. With strong performances by all three actors and very minimal use of props, the characters become front-and-center and transport us into their world where we find ourselves asking the question of what we can do about these very real matters facing our current society.P1050516

Entertaining and moving, “The Recommendation” is one play to be recommended!

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