Apr 2, 2024

IATSE Updates Bargaining Schedule With AMPTP

It’s a new week with a brand new round of negotiations for IATSE as they present their needs to the AMPTP.

Image: IATSE Courtesy

IATSE is about halfway through talks for each of its 13 west coast studio locals. As previously reported through various entertainment sites, six of the ITASE local guilds have now reached tentative agreements with the AMPTP, including three last week. Locals 728 and 871 began bargaining on April 1, meanwhile, scheduled for this week is Local 892. Local 700, aka the Motion Picture Editors Guild will continue talks this week after deciding to extend negotiations. IATSE is also adjusting its upcoming bargaining schedule to put talks for the Basic General Agreement before the Area Standards Agreement. Negotiations for the Basic General are now slated to run from April 29 to May 16, and the ASA talks will happen from May 20 to May 31. Fingers are crossed across all Hollywood lines as the industry is still recovering from the hard effect of the pandemic directly followed by the WGA and SAGAFTRA strikes of 2023. Those strikes ran into a six month stalemate from the greed the studios presented in refusal of living wage conditions and residuals for streaming.

“This revised schedule will help ensure that all Locals covered under the ASA and Basic Agreements have ample time to address their craft-specific issues with the employers,” IATSE International Vice President Mike Miller said in a statement. “I also want to commend the Negotiating Committees of the West Coast Studio Locals who have already reached tentative agreements with the AMPTP for their hard work and dedication.”