Apr 12, 2012


Last nights’ American Idol elimination results show was one of the wildest in Idol history.  Over the course of the show, Ryan Seacrest split the contestants into two separate groups. On one side of the stage he has Hollie Cavanagh, Phil Phillips and Colton Dixon. On the other side of the stage, it’s Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone.

With one contestant remaining, Skylar Laine, Ryan announces that Skylar is safe and asks her to pick the group she belongs with. Skylar says “No”, and Ryan grabs her arm and escorts her to the group with Hollie, Phil and Colton. That means that Jessica, Joshua and Elise are in the “Bottom 3”…I didn’t see that coming. I have no problem with Joshua and Elise in the “Bottom 3,” but Jessica, you have got to be kidding me!

Ok, no problem either Joshua or Elise are going home. Wait, Ryan announces that Jessica received the lowest number of votes and now has to sing for her life. Oh my God, now you have REALLY got to be kidding me!!!! There needs to be an investigation.

Jessica is clearly the best singer in the contest and in my last blog I wrote, “With only 7 contestants remaining, it appears that the only question left to answer is who is going to be standing next to Jessica Sanchez in the American Idol season finale.” Did fans just assume she was safe and not vote or is there a hidden conspiracy? I don’t know but something went terribly wrong last night.

Looking completely shaken, Jessica starts her performance of Deborah Cox’s, “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here.” How fitting, Jessica isn’t supposed to be here either. Fortunately for her, before she can get too far into the song, the judges rush the stage and Jennifer Lopez yells, “Give me that mic, This is crazy! Yes, we’re using the save. You ain’t going home.” This week America definitely got it wrong and the judges saved the day by using their one and only wild card save. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out next week.

American Idol Odds and Ends

• Jessica Sanchez looked to be in total shock and rightfully so when Ryan announced that she would have to sing for her life. This was clearly the worst voting in the history of American Idol, even worse than the Pia Toscano elimination in Season 10.

• People might not realize it but with the save of Jessica Sanchez this week, two contestants will be eliminated during next weeks show.

• With a terrific performance of P!nks, “Perfect”, Hollie fought her way out of the “Bottom 3” for the first time in two weeks. She will need a repeat performance next week if she wants to remain in the contest.

• After two less than stellar performances in a row, Phil still managed to stay out of the “Bottom 3.” He has a very loyal fan base that includes me.

• Looking absolutely toned and beautiful, Jennifer Hudson performed her new single “Think like a Man”, with Neo.

• For trivia fans, Jennifer Hudson is the only American Idol contestant to win both an Oscar and a Grammy.

• With punk rock blond hair, Season 10 finalist James Durbin performed “Higher Then Heaven”, the new single from his debut album, “Memories of a Beautiful Disaster.” The album has sold 100,000 records to date.

• Next week LMFAO will perform their smash hit, “Sorry For Party Rocking,” and American Idol Season Eight winner Kris Allen will perform his new single, “The Vision Of Love.”

• My predictions for next weeks “Bottom 3,” are Elise Testone, Joshua Ledet, and Hollie Cavanagh.

Which two do you think will be sent packing? Leaver your predications below!