May 18, 2012


In a minor upset, Joshua Ledet was eliminated from American Idol last night creating a Jessica Sanchez/Phil Phillips sing-off for the American Idol crown. Ledet, the gospel singer from Westlake, Louisiana started off slowly in the contest and in fact was in the “Bottom 3”, and in danger of being eliminated twice. However, over the last five weeks his performances improved dramatically and he became the favorite of the American Idol judges.

In recognition of his efforts, the judges gave him the most standing ovations of any singer on the show. With his confidence growing, he moved all the way from 5th place to the top spot in my American Idol rankings and last week I predicted that he would be in the finals. Based on their “Top 3”, performances I felt that Phil Phillips had won the night and that Joshua had finished a close second. At the end of the show, I thought that Joshua had earned a spot in the “Final Two.” While it was a tough choice, I can’t argue with the result. You could make a good case for all three contestants. At this point in the contest when all the singers are really good, it becomes a popularity contest and based on the vote, it is obvious that Jessica and Phil had a stronger fan base then Joshua.

When the show started I definitely wasn’t a Joshua fan, and I predicted his elimination on multiple occasions, but over the last five weeks his performances definitely changed my mind. This guy can really sing and with the proper direction could become a star. I wish him well.

American Idol Odds and Ends

• This week American Idol fans cast an impressive 90 million votes.

• Rihanna will perform her hit single “Where Have You Been” on the American Idol Finale Wednesday, May 23rd.

• Lisa Marie Presley sang her new single “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”, and I wish I hadn’t seen this. Both the song and her performance were a disappointment.

• If Jennifer Lopez leaves American Idol, they should look no further then Jimmy Iovine for a replacement judge. He has had a much bigger role in this year’s show and his comments and observations have been right on target.

• Season 8 American Idol finalist Adam Lambert returned to the American Idol stage to sing his new single “Never Close Our Eyes.” He has an amazing voice and did a great job on the song. I am still trying to figure out how he lost to Kris Allen that year!!!

• Phil Phillips amazing performance of “Volcano”, last week and this week’s performance of Bob Seger’s “Why Don’t You Stay”, carried him all the way to a spot in the final show.

• At the end of the final audition show I picked 10 of the 300 plus “Hollywood Golden Ticket Winners”, as contestants to watch. Four of the original artists on that list Phil Phillips, Shannon Magrane, Baylie Brown and Eben Franckewitz made it to the “Top 24”. Shannon made it to the “Top 11”, and Phil Phillips made it all the way to the final show.

• Despite predicting all season that the girls would end their American Idol losing streak (the last female winner was Jordin Sparks in Season 6), I am predicting that Phil Phillips will be the next American Idol.