Feb 4, 2012


The American Idol road show landed in Galveston, Texas. This is American Idols 9th trip to Texas and the place where they discovered Kelly Clarkson. It appeared to me the Randy and Steven have stood out more in the first couple of audition shows, but Galveston was all about Jennifer Lopez, and thank God for that.

In a show that has begun to look like an audition ‘Cross Country Death March’, Jennifer’s performance was certainly the highlight. In a segment that Ryan Seacrest titled, “Jennifer Lopez Versus the Boys Club”, we see a quick succession of partial auditions where judges, Randy and Steven, reject a series of aspiring singers that in my opinion were as good or better than some of the ones they already sent to Hollywood. After a few rounds of this, Jennifer is actually beside herself and is ready to explode.

Channeling her inner Steven Tyler, Jennifer comes out with a few memorable quotes of her own including, “I think I am in the Twilight Zone”, “I was so angry, I almost had an anxiety attack.” While peace is eventually restored, Jennifer’s passion and personality is the only thing that saved this show.

Listed below is a recap of my favorite auditions.

Skylar Laine a 17 year old girl from Brandon, Mississippi is a real county girl. She likes to hunt, ride ATV’s and by the way she can sing. She sang a good version of Miranda Lambert’s, “Hell on Heels”, which the judges really liked. She has a real country twang and will be a favorite of the country crowd. She gets a unanimous vote from the judges and she is off to Hollywood.

Baylie Brown a beautiful 21 year old girl from Nashville, Tennessee auditioned for American Idol in Season 6 when she was 16 years old and is back again to give it another try. She actually made it to Hollywood on her first try, but got the boot because she forgot the lyrics. She sang a good version of Bon Jovi’s, “Bed of Roses” and the judges really liked it. In a unanimous vote she is back to Hollywood for a second time. I really liked her and with her good looks and voice could go far if she can just remember the words this time around.

Kristine Osorio was my favorite audition of the day. She’s an unemployed, 28 year old mother, with three kids from Amarillo, Texas. Due to the American Idol’s age restrictions, this is Kristine’s last chance to audition. Currently going through a divorce, Kristine took out a loan to pay her divorce lawyer and instead bought a plane ticket to audition. Wow, no pressure here. As she starts to sing you can hear Jennifer Lopez say “Thank You God”, as her prayers are answered. Kristine has a strong voice and sings a good version of Adele’s, “One and Only.” In a unanimous vote she is off to Hollywood. With three kids and a lawyer who is looking to get paid, I hope she has a long run in Hollywood. Jennifer Lopez and I are certainly rooting for her.

Cortez Shaw is a handsome 20 year old from Garland, Texas with a great attitude. Raised by a single mother he had a tough childhood and actually experienced multiple years of homelessness. Despite this, he was very positive and said, “American Idol is opportunity at its greatest.” He sang a bluesy, upbeat version of an Adele’s, “Someone Like You”. While Jennifer and Steven appeared to really like him Randy wasn’t sure. In a funny moment, Cortez tells Randy that he is his favorite judge and shortly thereafter he is on his way to Hollywood. I really like Cortez. I thought his voice was strong and with his handsome looks he will be a favorite of the young female voters. He is definitely one to watch when the show moves to Hollywood.

Ramiro Garcia is the last audition of the day and a memorable one. Ramiro a 28 year old, Worship Leader from Houston, Texas was born without ears and his family was told that he would never speak or hear. Due to their amazing faith, multiple surgeries, and the miracle of medical science, he is given the gift of hearing and learns to speak. It is clear that there is a tremendous amount of love in his family and it is obvious in his singing. Ramiro sings a heartfelt version of “Amazing Grace’ and it touches all of the judges. “I like what I’m hearing and I like your insides as well”, said Tyler. In an emotional ending, Ramiro’s family hugs and his father cries tears of joy as his son who wasn’t supposed to hear or talk is off to Hollywood.

Since I could only find five auditions worth talking about, I was surprised to hear that 54 “Golden Tickets”, were awarded in Galveston. Maybe they are saving those other 49 “Golden Ticket”, performances for Hollywood week. I couldn’t end my blog without one memorable quote from ‘Quote Master’, Steven Tyler. In a perfect ending, while exiting the hotel Steven Tyler utters for no apparent reason, “You know what they say, Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things”. Think about that one for awhile.

Next stop Portland.