Apr 20, 2012


I have to apologize, with the save of Jessica Sanchez by the judges last week, I thought that two Idol contestants would be eliminated tonight. I was totally wrong! Only one person will be eliminated tonight. After last weeks wild elimination show, tonight’s show should be a good one as well. Let’s get right to the results.

Ryan calls up Joshua and Hollie to the center of the stage. I thought they both did a great job the night before so this is going to be a hard choice. After the inevitable comparisons and opinions of the American Idol judges and Jimmy Iovine, Ryan announces that Joshua is safe. Hollie is the first person in the “Bottom 3.”

Next up is Skylar and Elise. I will be absolutely shocked if Elise isn’t in the “Bottom 3,” and the American Idol voters agree. Skylar is safe and Elise is in the “Bottom 3”, for the 4th time.

The last group is Phil Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Colton Dixon. This is a real strong group. Phil and Colton have never been in the “Bottom 3”, and Jessica in a huge surprise was in the “Bottom 3” for the first time last week. After a few tense moments, Ryan announces that Phil and Jessica are safe and Colton is in the “Bottom 3” for the first time. While I really like Colton, his performances the last few weeks have been lackluster and his inconsistency finally caught up with him.

The weeks “Bottom 3”, are Colton, Hollie and Elise. Hollie and Elise have been in the “Bottom 3”, so many times they have a lifetime membership to the club, for Colton this is a new experience. In a shock, Ryan announces that Elise is safe. You have to be kidding me, she has been in the “Bottom 3” at least 4 times and her performances this week were average at best. It’s now down to Colton and Hollie. I love Hollie but it looks like her run is about to end. In a surprise Ryan announces that Hollie is safe and Colton is going home. With many of the contestants crying, Colton said his goodbyes and sings a reprise of Lighthouse’s, “Everything.” I have a feeling this isn’t the last we will see or hear from Colton.

American Idol Odds and Ends

• While I predicted that Colton would be in the “Bottom 3”, I was still surprised that he was eliminated. It was his first time in the “Bottom 3.”

• Despite being in the “Bottom 3”, at least 4 times each Elise and Hollie continue to dodge elimination.

American Idol paid tribute to Dick Clark with a nice collage of videos and photos. Dick was a major player in the music industry for over 40 years and was the master of ceremony for Rocking New Years Eve for more years than I can remember.

• Over 53 million votes were cast this week by American Idol voters.

• Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks was in the audience and he announced that he will be appearing this summer at Bally’s in Las Vegas. I really liked Taylor but for some reason his career never took off.

• Kris Allen performed his new single “Vision of Love”, from his album, “Thank You Camellia.” I thought he did a good job and I really liked the song.

• LMFAO performed their smash hit, “Sorry For Party Rocking.” They are totally wild and the audience really enjoyed their performance.

• My predictions for next weeks “Bottom 3,” are Joshua Ledet, Elise Testone and Hollie Cavanagh.