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Apr 5, 2013


Photo Credit, Albert Evangelista & Igor Spektor

Luxury fashion brand, iiJin debuted their Fall/Winter 2013 “The Love Revolution” collection at Avalon in Hollywood. The brand is famous for their invisible wedge shoes which are popular with several celebrities including: Brandy, Kelly Clarkson, Cyndi Lauper, Carly Rae Jepsen, Vanessa Hudgens, Lil Mama, Taraji P. Henson, Randy Jackson, Mario Lopez and more.

iiJin (pronounced “e-jean”) means “precious” in Korean and each piece is like a fashionable and valuable work of art. We spoke to the creative director of the brand, June Lee about what inspired her when making “The Love Revolution” collection and she said, “Well it sort of stemmed from watching the Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation” video. We love her and she’s been our favorite wardrobe idol for quite some time.” The collection consisted of lots of military inspired pieces, very romantic 1960’s dresses, metallic and brightly colored, down coats and studded knitwear. The purpose was to convey the message that “our world can use a massive shift in consciousness towards love.”

iiJin put on a very entertaining show! DJ Kid Fish had the music jumping as the models actually danced down the runway. MTV personality/TV host Layla Kayleigh Convino, recording artist/pop icon, Debbie Gibson and celebrity director and choreographer, Brian Friedman all walked the runway and showed support for iiJin.

Several of the male models had huge red hearts painted on their bare chests to match the theme of the show. We had a chance to chat with a few celebrity guests on the red carpet. Daphne Wayans and Mayte Garcia spoke to us about the new, upcoming season of their show, Hollywood Exes. Mayte said, “It comes out this summer! Expect a lot of surprises, a lot of different stuff and you’re going to say ‘Oh My God’ a lot.” She launched a new jewelry collection on that fans can purchase. Daphne is a fan of iiJin saying, “I’m wearing all iiJin. They’re pretty comfortable. I’m happy to wear them (sneakers) on the red carpet. ” We can’t wait to catch the new season of Hollywood Exes to see these beautiful ladies again.

Cute couple Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo (both from past seasons of American Idol) were sitting across from us at the show so we definitely had to catch up with them. The two will be getting married in a few weeks in LA and Diana told us, “All the men in the bridal party will be wearing iiJin shoes. It’s going to be amazing!” I asked where they will be going on their honey moon and Diana said, “We’re going off the map for two weeks.” They did say that they have been watchingAmerican Idol this season and had just recently visited the top ten contestants. They wouldn’t give me their favorites but did say that they definitely feel a girl will win this year.

iiJin can be purchased online at and in certain retail stores in Hong Kong, China and New York. They hope to open more locations (ahem…L.A.) very soon.