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Oct 16, 2020

Ilana Glazer Creates New Series to Attract Young Voters to the Polls With ‘Cheat Sheet’

Ilana Glazer is best known for her comedy series Broad City, now she’s taking her notoriety and using it to get the attention of young voters.

Image Credit: Andy Ryan

Ilana Glazer wants nothing more than young voters to vote. After releasing her first stand-up special in January, she was ( pre-covid19) planning on spending this entire year touring the country where she could motivate young voters to take to the polls.

“I looked at myself, going all over the country and I’m like, you know, this is an election year. This is the most important election year of my lifetime… This is about democracy versus authoritarianism. I think we should do some voter empowerment work with Generator,” Ilana Glazer told The Hollywood Reporter.

Generator is a nonprofit Glazer co-founded in 2016. Generator aims for everyone to be able to “gather and talk about politics without feeling stupid.” “Our goal is to humanize policy through storytelling by helping organize the noise of these policies into digestible stories and ultimately lower the political barrier of entry,” You’ll find this exact quote on their website

As the presidential election looms, Ilana tried to formulate a new approach to galvanize young voeters, while still incorportating ideas from her pre-Covid19 tour plans. Ilana Glazer joined forces with digital-focused Democratic super PAC PACRONYM for a new web series called Cheat Sheet For The Voting Booth.

The 20-part web series — launched in August with new episodes releasing weekly until Nov. — features conversations between Glazer and athletes, musicians, activists and artists including Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Bell, Blake Griffin, Wanda Sykes and more who have connections to key swing states. In the short videos, Glazer and her guest discuss the election, policies and “shine a light on progressive candidates.” To help make things easier, viewers are also able to download a state-based cheat sheet to serve as a reference in knowing who to vote for. If you’re asking yourself, why a cheat sheet? It’s because Ilana Glazer says politics can be “pretty overwhelming” and the series aims to remind everyone they’re not alone in feeling that way.