Mar 25, 2022

In Historic Casting Move Ana De Armas Set to Play Iconic Marilyn Monroe

It’s not everyday a Cuban girl gets to play the most all-American icon of all time. Ana de Armas is getting ready to portray Marilyn Monroe for Netflix’s Blonde.

Image Credit: IMDB

The long-in-development (almost a decade!) Netflix film starring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe has recieved an NC-17 rating for its upcoming premiere on Netflix. Whether the rating makes a difference remains to be seen, this is a hybrid Netflix and theater release, so…it’s debatable how much the rating matters to the people wanting to watch this biopic from the comfort of their couch. There is no official plot synopsis for the film yet, but it is based on the 2000s novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates. You can snatch up the novel here. Marilyn Monroe is remembered as an actress who lived such a “glamorous life” in the eyes of the public. Blonde is setting out to show her story grounded in the harsh reality that every normal person goes through on a daily basis, which is an intriguing way to go. The NC-17 rating is very rare given that it’s not profitable in the eyes of most studios. However, this is Netflix, and they live by different rules when compared to your average studio. Let us know what your thoughts are on this development.