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Sep 22, 2015


Los Angeles is known for festivals- beer, bacon, wine- and now adding to the long list is my personal favorite Cider. Also known as Cidahhh because after a few hours of drinking these tasty hard beverages, the Boston accent tends to come out!
CiderFest_LAThis past weekend we got to experience the 1st annual L.A. Cider Fest. The festival brought out over 50 artisan food and beverage producers offering over 100 selections that celebrated local & imported craft beverages and the foods that compliment them best. Being in L.A., you can see why cider is a popular drink. Many of them are high in alcohol content, reasonably priced, taste delicious and of course are GLUTEN FREE.

I was blown away at the different flavors; we tried a cider mixed with tequila, a cheese & olive cider, and my favorites the fruity flavors (not sugary) strawberry & blueberry ( insert tongue emoji) Yummmm!

And these weren’t your typical ciders, these were not the ciders you see on TV commercials. No, these were real ciders made with 100% fresh pressed juice. No water added. No artificial ingredients. Just the raw goods.

You must be thinking what did you eat while you sipped these crafts ciders & IPAs. While walking around to all the vendors I saw a woman with cheesy goodness in her hands. Trying not to directly stick my hands into her plate, I asked “where did you get that?” It was none other than the BrewWings food truck. I glazed over the menu of amazing stuffed grilled cheese, chicken & waffles, and mini-donuts but opted for the LOADED tater tots… let me tell you it was well worth the wait and tasted perfectly with my cider.

Needless to say you had to roll us out of the historic Raleigh Studios. We can’t wait until the 2nd annual L.A. Cider Fest. Take me back now!
Check out the full list of ciders showcased here.

We were able to offer our fans a VIP pair of tickets to Cider Fest in our contest leading up to the event and were so happy to run into the winners at the event.