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May 29, 2020

Indie Musician, Ari Herstand, Releases Single and Performance Video- “Retrospect”

Indie musician, Ari Herstand, releases his new single “Retrospect” and an accompanying live performance video. This is the first single off his upcoming untitled album that will be released this Fall. 

In the single, “Retrospect,” Ari hits all the key notes of a retro throwback classic soul and R&B sound with his sultry vocals and acoustic guitar along with warm keys from Steveland Swatkins (Allen Stone). Corbin Jones, bass (Beyonce), Rob Humphreys, drums (Jason Mraz, Theo Katzman, ZZ Ward), and Jamey Arent, guitar (Frankie Valli) bring an infectious rhythm that locks in the groove throughout the piece. Herstand arranged the punchy horns played by Andris Mattson, trumpet (Moonchild) and Rachel Mazer, saxophone, that carry the energy into two different breakdowns. Mazer and Victoria Canal provide a soulful harmonic vocal bed for the melodies to float over. 

Produced and written by Brett Nolan and Ari Herstand, “Retrospect” is about Herstand’s experience with an amicable breakup after a long term relationship of 11.5 years came to an end after understanding both had different goals and paths in life. 

“This single is about making a heartbreaking and challenging adult decision to part ways with a significant other when growing apart happens,” said Ari Herstand, singer and songwriter. “This breakup would have been easier if my partner and I had grown to hate each other or if cheating was involved, but that wasn’t the case. We both knew in our hearts it was time to part ways to begin life’s next phase.” 

Herstand and his partner had met in college back in Minnesota, spent their 20s together, grew up together, and then moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago. Herstand struggled to accomplish tasks for months after the breakup.

“The first month in my new apartment I lived amongst boxes,” adds Herstand. “I was unable to unpack my previous life into my new life until a friend came over and forced me to do it.”

Three more singles will be released before this Autumn’s full album. All of the songs are inspired by this profound breakup that ended Ari’s 20s. 

Since Herstand’s last album in 2014, he has launched several other projects including the funk band, Brassroots District, that played venues across Los Angeles. In addition, he released two editions of his bestselling book, How to Make It in the New Music Business, which has been adopted by universities nationwide and remains at the top of the Amazon charts. He also launched the accompanying podcast, “The New Music Business” and the online music business school Ari’s Take Academy.  Furthermore, Herstand played a pivotal role lobbying for California’s Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) legislation to be amended for the music industry. In doing so, he created the Independent Music Professionals United (IMPU), a group of music professionals that advocates for independent musicians, composers, songwriters, producers, engineers, and others in the industry who haven’t traditionally had a seat at the political negotiating table. And when the COVID-19 crisis shut down the live music industry, Herstand was one of the co-founders of UnCancelled Music Festival.