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Jan 28, 2013


After a long hiatus, Massachusetts based producer and live performing artist Jason Zenga is returning to the music industry. Zenga is a pioneer DJ- once known for his fusion of hard house and hip hop anthems that made him an early ambassador of electronic music.

Zenga’s work took him from his hometown of Boston to play some of the largest festivals around the world including Mystery Land in Germany, Samothraki Dance Festival  in Greece, Isle of MTV in Triesti, Italy, at the height of his career. Prolific in the studio and tireless behind the decks, Zenga’s energy and dedication have given him the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of Linkin Park, Chemical Brothers, ATB and The Crystal Method. His tunes have turned up in sets by top international DJ’s such as Scott Project, Donald Glaude and Santiago & Bushido, to name a few.

A producer, DJ, remixer, and songwriter at heart, Zenga was self-taught. He learned piano at a young age and eventually began producing using synthesizers, keyboards and computers alike to create his very own, distinctive sound. In 2004,  he decided to step down from a major label. “I wanted to remove myself from the confines of making music that did not satisfy my passion for creating a juxtaposition of musical elements. I needed an outlet for my own need for musical experimentation.”  Zenga took a long hiatus to work on his independent production but 2012 was a banner year, marking the launch of his frist indepenent release, Initially Composed.  He now has a range of releases slated for 2013.

With this auspicious start to a new year, Zenga is raising the bar for himself with a flurry of activity including a number of commercial remix and independent projects introducing us to his new sound while borrowing elements of his classic sounds from his early days of production. Zenga has been able to take modern day genre’s such as the ever popular sound of dub-step and tone it down by adding elements of Classical, jazz and hip-hop creating a sound that begs the listener for more.

Credited with being a large contributor to the modern day electronica movement and the ever popular sound of dub-step, Zenga’s evolutionary sounds along with his determination and pursuit to create just the right balance between genres has left an everlasting mark on the music industry. It is a business that is constantly changing and evolving and allows a veteran DJ like Zenga to continue to make an impact despite stepping back for all these years.