Film, Premiers
Sep 11, 2013


When Insidious came out in 2011, it scared $54 million at the box office. On Friday the 13th, Insidious: Chapter 2 is set to take over a relatively quiet movie weekend. However, the film is anything but peaceful as the Lambert family is again tormented by demons. Press Pass LA was on the red carpet on Tuesday night talking to some of the stars of one of Hollywood’s creepiest sagas.

Patrick Wilson returns as family patriarch Josh Lambert. The actor has a pretty terrorizing part this time around since Lambert’s body has been possessed from his trip to the dark side. Wilson told PPLA that he’s ready for audiences to see the film because he believes that this film has “swung a big stick. It’s scarier and more shocking which is what we want.”

Screenwriter and star Leigh Whannell revealed why the story is so seamless. He said, “We wanted to just pick up from the first film. It was interesting because we were telling the story of the same family. It kind of puts the family on rails because there is only one story to tell.” When Whannell heard the film frightened moviegoers, he admitted it was a compliment. “You tell a horror filmmaker that you’ve lost sleep, you had nightmares and had to see a therapist, all you will get is ‘thank you.’ You won’t ever get an apology.”

Lin Shaye is also back in the second film as psychic Elise Rainier. For those we saw the first chapter [Warning: Spoiler Ahead], Shaye’s character saw her demise. However, the actress shared what was so special about this film and her return. “We realized we were making a ghost story,” she said. “The world is open to opportunities [for her character’s place in the second film].”

It might be 12-year-old Ty Simpkins, who plays the haunted son of Wilson’s character, who summed up Insidious: Chapter 2 the best though. “A bunch of ghosts coming out of my closet, 30 or 20…like seriously? That much? Terrifying!” Insidious: Chapter 2 opens nationwide on Sept. 13.