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Jun 24, 2021

International Artist MARISABEL BAZAN’s Art Set For Showcase: ‘SOULSTICE 2021’ Hosted by Exxhibit Art at Mondrian Los Angeles

Marisabel Bazan’s Soulstice 2021 is an exhibition that celebrates the return to the light, inviting you to take a moment and reestablish the connection of the human spirit.

Image Credit: Ezequiel Aizenberg 

This latest art installation by Marisabel was inspired by the Earth kissing the sky at sunrise, and kissing the sea at sunset. Soulstice 2021 is a triumph over darkness and the welcoming transmutation of a new era of the human experience. It is a memento of a former life and the representation of alignment and new beginnings. It challenges you to look within and let go of ego.  The art pieces are exquisitely rendered through plays on color, texture, abstract shapes and movement, while incorporating copper leaf as a nurturing property of healing and human health. Marisabel Bazan ushers you on a journey into unified consciousness…to allow yourself once more to get lost in the lull, indulging in the slow and steady rhythm of time and grant some breathing room for your soul to rise, once more. 

SOULSTICE 2021 is hosted by Exxhibit Art at  Mondrian Los Angelesiconic Magic Box in the lobby of the hotel 8440 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood CA 90069. Soulstice 2021 will be showcased to the public from June 24th to August 3rd.